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Classroom Technology at DLRC:Learning Studio143A

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Learning Studio 143A

Each of the Learning Studios is designed to be flexible for many types of activities. The furniture in each space is equipped with wheels and can be configured for collaborative work, activity centers, learning pods, etc. Seating arrangements can be altered to a wide degree, allowing an ideal learning environment for your class.

143A is one of the small Learning Studios. There is a wall that can be opened up between 143A and 143B to combine the rooms. The capacity for 143A is 45. The picture above shows the layout of the room. There are 28 chairs and 13 tables that can be re-arranged to meet your specific needs.

This Learning Studio is equipped with the same classroom technology that can be found in most of Purdue’s learning areas: PC station (accessible with your Purdue ID), and a laptop VGA connection to plug in your laptop. These are all connected to a projection unit that can project on the screen at the front of the room. While there is a DVD player in the room, it is currently out of order and is unable to be projected in the room at this time. When it is restored to proper working order, this blog post will be updated to reflect that.

In addition to the typical technologies, you will have access to a single microphone for voice amplification. You and your students can be equipped to address the entire room without straining your vocal cords or worrying about whether everyone can hear what is being said.

SmartBoards are also available for use in this room. DLRC has a total of 7 SmartBoards that can be reserved for use in your class. More on our SmartBoards can be found on STEMEdHub. Just search for the tag “smartboard”.

DLRC has 3 remote-controlled cameras and wireless microphones available for HD recording of your classroom in Learning Studio 143A. This technology is at the cutting edge of video acquisition. The cameras can be mounted to the grid above the Learning Studio. This creates as little intrusion to your classroom as possible. The cameras can be moved throughout the room to capure nearly every possible angle. The omni-directional microphones allow for exceptional capture of voices. The recording suite is all-digital. Because it is all-digital, you can receive your recording as a file almost immediately following your class or workshop. No waiting for tape to be captured and rendered before you start working with your footage.

If you have any questions regarding the technology in Learning Studio 143A, please email Emily Carter at ecarter@purdue.edu. She would love to talk with you about how DLRC technology can help you create a unique learning environment. To reserve this space, please use our space use request forms online at 1

If you would like more information regarding SmartBoards, search for it here on STEMEdHub using the tag “smartboard”. For more on video recording, search using the tag “video” or “a/v”. For more on other learning studios, search for “learning studio” or the room number. (eg – “131”)

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