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Micropipetting jig for 6-well plate

Using a micropipette takes a lot of hand-eye coordination. A jig or guide was developed for a 6-well plate to place the micropipette tip in the right location at the center of a well plate and limit the depth of the tip to prevent touching the bottom of the well plate. Two holes for the micropipette tip were created for each well – one for dispensing liquid directly vertical and another one at an angle for withdrawing liquid. The jig is dogeared at one corner to aid persons that are BVI with orientation.

Williams, G.J., Gonzales, A., Lo, A., Nolan, J., Grimmer, J., Marquis, A., Duerstock, H., Mendrysa, S., Duerstock, B.S. “Accessible Micropipetting and Cell Culturing Tools for Researchers Who are Blind or Visually Impaired”, In Proc. of Annual Rehabilitation Engineering Society of North America Conference 2014, June 11-15, 2014.

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"The Lab Bench" catalog of 3-D printable tools for STEM

Catalog listing of assistive technologies (AT) that can be 3-D printed to assist PWDs in performing lab and engineering tasks more independently. The CAD drawings can be altered to your own specifications. Some of these AT devices may be built for a fee.

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