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  1. Viola W Lindsey

    Phd dissertation was full qualitative analysis; teach program planning and evaluation; teach Capstone projects that involve Program assessment, planning and Development; As Program Specialist...


  2. Ismael Muvingi

    I teach conflict resolution and peace studies and research focusing on transitional justice and decolonization of knowledge. I have experience working in the NGO sector as an advocacy manager (USA)...


  3. Carolyng Gallop

    RUSI has conducted M & E in several projects especially in Afghanistan and Africa for the EU Commission; and RUSI has wide influence on the policy debate in the UK and worldwide


  4. Bethany McGann

    Lead design and implementation of research initiatives designed to illuminate local drivers of resilience and/or vulnerability to violent extremism and inter/intracommunal conflict. Geographic...


  5. Marina Daroca Bazan


  6. Martine Zeuthen

    Martine Zeuthen is a Danish anthropologist with extensive experience coordinating international CVE projects and evaluations in fragile environments, in particular Africa and the Middle East....


  7. James Price Placius


  8. John-Patrick Afam Ifedi


  9. Olajumoke Jumo Ayandele

    Human security researcher with a comprehensive understanding of violent conflicts and peacebuilding practices developed from fieldwork in Africa and Europe. I have special expertise in the...


  10. Ava Patricia Avila

    I did my PhD on defense and security where I examined how the Philippine armed forces contribute to peace and development and other non-traditional security issues such as disaster response. I...


  11. Jason Lyall

    I am currently working on improving humanitarian assistance in conflict settings, including the use of new methodologies to measure the effects of such aid on political violence and individual...


  12. Mareike Schomerus


  13. Chitra Nagarajan


  14. Cullen S. Hendrix

    I have broad interests and research outputs in contentious politics, the political economy of development, and environmental politics. At the Korbel School, he leads the Environment, Food and...


  15. Muhammad Fraser-Rahim

    I work on the intersection of religion, identity, deradicalization, gender, counter-extremism.


  16. Whitney Grespin

    I have worked in security sector reform and security force assistance as a Ministerial Advisor in Somalia.


  17. Jessica Baumgardner-Zuzik

    I work on improving DM&E capacity in peacebuilding in conflict-affected settings. My 12-years experience cross-cuts economic development, humanitarian, and peacebuilding. I have directed DM&E...


  18. Meaghan McDonald


  19. Michael Rubin


  20. Gary R. Burniske

    I conduct multidisciplinary research in a wide range of topics related to food security in USAID countries globally. I have considerable experience designing, managing and implementing programs in...