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  1. A reforma trabalhista no Brasil e o dever de respeito aos princípios enquanto presunções a priori para o direito: o contrato intermitente e os empregados fora da linha

    Collections | 07 Oct 2019 | Posted by Xiaoan Zhang


  2. Abdirisak Ahmed Dalmar

    I have done both operational research and training of leaders in disaster risk reduction and resilience in Somalia


  3. Abdulla Mustafa Al-rawabdeh

    My background and expertise is in the field of Geomatics engineering and environmental sciences. My focus has been in developing cost saving methods that increase the ease of data collection for...


  4. Abu Ata


  5. Abura Vincent Omara

    conducted monitoring and reported on Save the Children International and Karamoja Intergrated Development Programme that informed the project activities and facilitated the refinement of the...


  6. Ahmed F Aleroud

    My research interests fall in three main themes. The first one is related to detection of extremism and terrorism behavior using data analytics and machine learning. The second is in the cyber...


  7. Akkawi


  8. Alejandro Acosta Ayerbe


  9. Alexandra Brewis

    Stigma and social exclusion in the contexts of food, water, sanitation, and health


  10. Ali M Alodat

    My researches focus on gifted and disabled learners from minority and disruptive areas, especially among refugees. I am also interested in researches that investigate inclusive education settings...


  11. Alsulaiman


  12. Amer Al Shishany

    Using the anonymity feature of GDSS meeting application as a backbone, the study is aimed to better understand how participants of an anonymous GDSS meeting interacts with each other and with the...


  13. Ana Maria Lopez Echeverry

    At the moment I am working in the identification of heart disease using support vector machine with the purpose to generate a solution to diagnose pacients in remote areas. In addition, I am...


  14. Anas Mohmmad Ramadan Alsobeh

    Dr.AlSobeh is the Director of refugees, Displaced Persons and the Forced Migration Studies Center and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Information Systems at Yarmouk University (YU). He...


  15. Awni Yacub Taimeh

    Resources Development of fragile environment , Co-author of national strategies for integrated agriculture development . Author of National Strategy for Food security in Jordan, Participated in...


  16. Baguma, P. & Furnham, A. (2012).Attributions for and the perceived effects of poverty in East Africa: A study from Uganda. In Furnham, A, Carr, S, MacLachlan, M., (Editors). (2012). Humanitarian Work Psychology: Alignment, Harmonization and Cultural Com

    Collections | 12 Feb 2020 | Posted by Xiaoan Zhang


  17. Banysaeed

    I am interested in studies on tennis (, badminton, tennis, table tennis and squash). I am working hard to develop the games in my country. In addition , I am a lecturer in the Jordanian federation...


  18. Barbara Dennis

    I work with communities to facilitate their capacities to engage in research to solve their local problems usually problems of racial or gender and sexual equity and social justice in education..


  19. Belen Rosario Perez Camborda

    I conduct research with university students of psychosocial and educational variables, for example, educational Engagement, optimism, subjective well-being, national-social identity, sense of...


  20. Benjamin Pauli

    I have been extensively involved in the response to the Flint Water Crisis, particularly on the civil society and scientific sides of the response. I have conducted over two years' worth of...