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  1. Looking for an exciting career path? Data center technician jobs

    05 Sep 2018 | Posted by shashi teja

    Enter data center technician jobs! Data center technician jobs are, perhaps, unfairly neglected on the account of more popular computer science-related jobs. “Unfairly” we say, because...


  2. Top PSU Jobs for Computer Science Engineering Graduates

    28 Sep 2021 | Posted by Reva University

    Have you decided to pursue BTech in computer science? You probably aim to pursue jobs in the IT industry. However, India's IT industry does not have any government jobs. You will find jobs in...


  3. What is the Future of Construction Technology Management?

    30 Aug 2021 | Posted by Reva University

    The construction industry faces a lot of challenges, from lack of essential requirements, workforce shortage, and complex projects. Struggling with deadlines and budget is typical in the industry....