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Purdue Energy Camp

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Description: Through the Purdue Energy Camp (PEC), a select number of high school students with demonstrated interest in energy research and development will be provided an opportunity to learn from professors and industry leaders who are directly involved in researching and developing the energy resources needed to power the world of tomorrow. Purdue expects participation in PEC to expand student interest in pursuing a higher education in one of the many STEM disciplines and fields related to energy research, energy development, and energy delivery. In parallel, PEC will provide an excellent opportunity to “train-the-trainers.” High school science teachers will gain knowledge of the advances in energy research and the many changes being made by energy providers to meet future energy needs in a carbon-constrained society. A number of high school science teachers will have an opportunity to participate, along with the students, in the week-long PEC. Students and teachers will learn about STEM disciplines and their application in the fields of energy research, energy development and deployment, the impact of changing environmental regulations, and logistical challenges associated with introducing new alternative sources of energy to the marketplace. Students and teachers participating in the week-long PEC will stay in dormitories on the Purdue University campus; all meals will be provided by our sponsors, and during the noon and evening meals, guest speakers will address energy-related topics of current interest. Students and teachers will dine with professors, as well as industry and government representatives, who will actively engage with them in open discussions, related to issues of energy development and associated current events. Activities will be planned for each day; students and teachers will be assigned to one of four teams and will participate in daily activities along with their assigned team. During the week-long program, each team will be given an energy project to complete in competition with the other teams. Teams will use STEM principles to execute their energy projects. During the final day of the program, each team will present their energy project results to a panel of judges comprised of professors and industrial sponsors who will evaluate the work performed and choose the winning teams.
When: Sunday 10 June, 2012 12:00 pm EDT - Saturday 16 June, 2012 5:00 pm EDT
Where: Purdue University
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