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STEM Women of Color (WOC) Conference

Category: Workshop
Description: The Purdue STEM Women of Color (WOC) Conference will provide a forum for Women of Color participants to develop individual and collective strategies to transform and enhance their experiences in the academy. Overarching goals of the conference are to: 1.Assist participants at all levels in the creation of professional development plans that will help them to achieve short- term and long- term professional goals and advance to key leadership roles in higher education, particularly at HBCUs 2.Establish a formal mentoring and advising network in which participants can connect personally and professionally after the conference 3.Provide, via workshops, success strategies for faculty who may encounter challenges as a result of intersectionalities (e.g., gender and race) 4.Translate information about the experiences of WOC at HBCUs into practical materials and strategies that can foster success among the next generation of STEM WOC faculty at HBCUs Conference Opportunities ◦Networking with other STEM WOC ◦Identifying strategies to enhance career development ◦Learning successful approaches to enhance work/life balance ◦Branding yourself --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
When: Sunday 01 April, 2012 12:00 pm EDT - Tuesday 03 April, 2012 9:00 pm EDT
Where: Purdue University
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