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Is fildena 100 safe to use?

You should only take Fildena if you have a prescription for it and only use it as directed by your doctor. You should also avoid drinking alcohol and grapefruit juice while taking it.

These drugs may change how the medicine works or cause side effects. You should talk to your doctor about all of your medications and health conditions.

If you have kidney or liver problems, you should tell your doctor about them before you start taking this medicine. Your doctor may also recommend tests to check your kidney function and dose adjustments based on your condition.

In addition, you should talk to your doctor if you have seizures or eye problems. These issues can make it harder for you to tell colors apart.

You should only take Fildena 100 when you need it. You should not take it when you are feeling unwell, are over 50 years old, or have a history of heart disease or cardiac complications.

You should only take one tablet per day. You should take it at the same time each day. You should not skip a dose of this medicine because it will not work as well.

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