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LASER PULSE Uganda Project Catalyzing Change in Social Emotional Learning Through Remote Train-the-Trainer Model

A new LASER PULSE project to develop and test an early childhood evidence-based intervention for social emotional learning in Uganda has begun to implement a train-the-trainer scale-up model. Due to travel constrictions, the team conducted trainings via teleconference with Nakaseke Primary Teachers College (PTC) trainers. While this approach allowed the project to complete critical training on a social emotional learning curriculum, it also allowed them to explore and develop digital approaches to training remotely in general. PTC trainers are now able to practice and share skills learned with in-training teachers. Feedback from this model will lead to preparations toward delivering the curriculum to in-service teachers at schools this summer.

The Catalyzing Change in Education through a Transformative Learning Collaborative: Scaling-Up of a Social Emotional Learning Curriculum in Uganda project seeks to test and integrate the ParentCorps-Professional Development social emotional learning curriculum into the Ugandan education system. At the same time, the team is also integrating teacher wellness and self-care interventions to promote teachers’ own social emotional and mental health wellbeing. 

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A diverse team of the NYU Grossman School of Medicine, Makerere University, Uganda Ministry of Education and Sports, and Uganda Ministry of Health leads this project to transform the Ugandan education system by scaling the intervention and improving social emotional learning programs and curriculum. Long-term, the project seeks to integrate the curriculum into the framework for the Ministry of Education.

For more information, please contact Betty Bugusu at LASER PULSE.

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