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Current Research Projects

Buy-ins allowing any USAID office to fund development research in any sector in any USAID interest country count toward the $50M buy-in authorization. Current buy-in research projects ($14M in obligations within the first year):

1. Private Sector Engagement Evidence and Learning: five-year grant to support USAID’s new policy for private sector engagement with evidence-based learning and best practices (UND, Purdue)

2. South Sudan Psychosocial Impact Evaluation: One-year grant to evaluate the impact of a UNICEF led program to consider psycho-social aspects of the education of traumatized children (IU, Purdue, Makerere).

3. Kenya ‘Tusome’ Case Study: one-year grant to examine the process of scaling up of Kenya’s early grade reading program from 2011 to 2018 to enable USAID to better understand the scaling up process and to foster replication (Makerere, CRS, U. Nairobi, UND).

4. Cultural Restoration Program for Northern Iraq: a research and extension project under negotiation for Iraqi Kurdistan with interest at very high levels including the White House; this will likely come up in the meeting with the DA (UND, Purdue, IU).

5. Multi-Country Study on Inclusive Education: a three-five-year study on the most effective mechanisms for inclusive education for learners with disabilities in Malawi, Nepal, and Cambodia (IDP).

6. Evaluation of Somalia’s Accelerated Quality Learning Project: A five-year adaptive management and evaluation project for effective alternative education models that target out-of-school learners (Purdue, Makerere, SDRI).

7. Self-Reliance Learning Agenda: A one-year meta-analysis on aid effectiveness, specifically focusing on USAID’s contribution to capacity and commitment in its operating countries. This study feeds into a broader research agenda (Texas A&M, UND).

8. Applied Nutrition Research and Capacity-Building in Laos: This five-year project aims to build the capacity of Lao government officials and researchers to tackle the complex challenges of malnutrition and stunting through a food security lens (Purdue, IU).

9. The Voices of the Indigenous People of Uganda: This 2-year project aims to build the capacity of local Ugandan universities and researchers to undertake and translate development research that will inform subsequent interventions to strengthen the voices of Uganda’s indigenous peoples (Makerere).


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