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Why Partner to Translate Research?

Research Translation graphicWe in LASER PULSE, intend to change the way research influences practice. In our experience, early and active collaborations to translate research are the most effective means to ensure that crucial and innovative research can turn into real, on-the-ground outcomes in development.

When we talk about research translation, we mean partnership between researchers and practitioners that affects change in policy or practice. This means that high quality and collaborative research has been intentionally applied toward impacting local conditions.

Depending on the field, the time to translate research into practice can traditionally take between a decade or two. Faster and more effective uptake requires an intentional effort in partnership between researchers and practitioners from the beginning to bridge gaps and work together toward an outcome that changes lives for the better.

What is LASER doing to support this model? We’re offering grant funding, trainings, and tools, as well as networking opportunities to support partnered research-to-translation projects all around the world. Stay tuned for opportunities in your area and reach out to us with your thoughts, experiences, and questions about research translation.

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  1. April Nelson

    I like that traditionally the process of translating research into practical applications has been slow, often spanning a decade or more, and LASER PULSE recognizes the need for a faster and more efficient approach that can only be achieved through deliberate collaboration and alignment of goals from the outset. It's also cool that in addition to its core initiatives, LASER PULSE supports the academic community by offering resources and expertise. They understand that scientific pursuits, including the creation of dissertations, play a crucial role in the advancement of knowledge. For those looking for additional resources, I recommend buy dissertations online for guidance and links to reputable sources.

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