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Learning about barriers and opportunities to practitioner-researcher collaborations in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi (Vietnam)

Vietnam street Image- Hanoi, Vietnam: Air Pollution is one of the topic areas of the Vietnam R4D Conference. Alexandra Towns (CRS)

The LASER PULSE consortium met with researchers and practitioners in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi in December to discuss their experiences with research collaborations and research translation. Discussions focused on the topical areas of air and water pollution and small and medium enterprise competitiveness to inform an upcoming Research for Development (R4D) conference in Vietnam.

Representatives from Catholic Relief Services, Purdue University, Indiana University, and Makerere University visited 13 practitioner groups including international NGOs, community associations, research consultancy firms, government centers, and research centers. The delegation met with 8 universities, both public and private in both cities, who are leaders in business, economic policy, science and technology.

Findings from this visit will help to shape the Vietnam R4D conference sessions, particularly Introduction to Research Translation and Barriers and Opportunities for Partnership between Practitioners and Researchers. Key information on the sectoral areas will contribute to the subsequent Request for Applications (RFA) for research translation projects in Vietnam. Lastly, data gathered from the discussions will inform LASER PULSE strategy and support the development of capacity building resources on collaborating for development solutions.

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