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Featured Members From Our Network

Below are three members we thought you might want to connect with. You can find all our members by searching by sector or location on the LASER PULSE network page.


Kipkoech, Carolyne

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Institution: Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology

Position at Insitution: Research Scientist/Post Doctoral Associate

Research Publication Title: John Kinyuru Carolyne Kipkoech 2018 Production and growth parameters of edible crickets: Experiences from a farm in a high altitude, a cooler region of Kenya. Journal of insect for food and feed

Development Project Experience: March 2010-Jan 2012- Lishe Bora HIV Nutrition Project - Lab Coordinator

Development Project Funder: National Institute of Health (NIH) – USA

Sector Experience: Agriculture and Food Security, Education, Global Health

Research Experience: Working towards legislation and policy formulation on insects as food in Kenya.

Cabrera, Diana

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Institution: Fundacion ACDI/VOCA L.A.

Sector Experience: Democracy Human Rights and Governance, Economic Growth and Trade, Education, Gender Equality and Women Empowerment, Working in Crisis and Conflict, Cross-Cutting

Palacio, Jorge

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Institution: Universidad del Norte

Position at Insitution: Professor/Associate Professor

Sector Experience: Education, Working in Crisis and Conflict

Research Experience: Jorge Palacio, graduated in psychology at University del Norte in Barranquilla, Colombia (1991), PhD. in psychology from the University of Paris X – Nanterre in France (2002). He was coordinator of the doctorate in psychology from 2006 until July 2019. Is currently Professor of the Psychology Department at University del Norte, Senior Researcher in the Research Group in Human Development – GIDHUM - on issues of Social Development and Health Psychology with social at-risk populations (children and young people in displacement or migrant conditions and child labour). Author of books, chapters and articles published in referred journals.

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