Course Modules

These 17 evidence-based modules can be used independently or as an entire course. They include learning objectives, key concepts covered, video micro-lectures, and optional readings. The video micro-lectures generally last, on average, approximately ten minutes and are designed to provide a brief overview of topics related to obesity prevention.

Additionally, you can obtain access to learning activities and suggested quiz questions for each module through this request for access to Additional Instructor Materials.

Open Content

  1. The 6 C's Framework
  2. Overview of Obesity
  3. Consequences of Obesity Part 1: Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease
  4. Consequences of Obesity Part 2: Cancer and Bone Health
  5. Genetic and Fetal Programming Influences
  6. Microbiome and Sensory Taste Influences
  7. Brain Health and Cognitive Influences
  8. Temperament Influences
  9. Sleep Influences
  10. Pediatric Nutrition
  11. Home and Child Care Feeding Practices
  12. Picky Eating
  13. Neighborhood Influences
  14. Neighborhoods and Schools: Community Interventions
  15. Influence of Federally Funded Food Programs on Children's Health
  16. Food Advertising and Media Influences
  17. Culturally Relevant Interventions


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