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  1. Will 2016 be the year Higher Education takes the Leap?

    How would I like to see higher education evolve in 2016? Well, wishing, planning, and executing in quiescent calm waters under blue skies is a qualitatively different activity from wishing, planning, and executing in agitated waters under stormy skies. The former has a leisurely quality with...

  2. Towards a Wholehearted Education

    Late in December International Innovation published the following interview and article about the work we are doing at the TransSTEM center. The feature is included here and can also be found at and is also included...

  3. Promoting competency based education through trade-off thinking

    Teaching creative and critical thinking by contingent evaluation of implicit choices made through technological communication infrastructures   We live in a world of things. Those who make the things define the way we live our lives.  Their decisions impact not only our trivial needs,...