Who We Are

Fatma Mili

 Fatma Mili, Founder and Executive Director
Purdue University
Discovery Learning Research Center
Room 393
207 South Main Jischke Drive
West Lafayette, IN 47907-1791
Telephone 765.496.7075
In every step of her journey in higher education, Dr. Mili has created a vision shaped by the times and fit to the unique potentials of the people and places where she has worked.  She has successfully led others to realize that vision with passion, energy, and a full trust in the collective intelligence and capacity of her colleagues.  From her many contributions at Oakland University in Michigan - growing their Computer Science Department, starting a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, creating a multidisciplinary Biomedical Engineering major that attracted many more women students than did the traditional engineering degrees - to her transformative efforts as co-founder of the Purdue Polytechnic Incubator and Institute and now as Director of the TransSTEM Center headquartered at Purdue, Dr. Mili is oriented toward productive change and to equipping students with the skills and the mindset they need to meet the technological and social demands of the world they will enter.
Dr. Mili's resume can be found by clicking on her name above.

Purdue Research Affiliates

The following Purdue faculty and staff are affiliated with the TransSTEM Center through their participation as members in the STEM Faculty Community of Practice in Equity and Privilege.  Dr. Fatma Mili facilitates the Community of Practice.

Resilience Covey

Our Resilience Covey is currently comprised of faculty, staff, and others from Purdue University, CalPoly San Luis Obispo, Virginia Tech, Bucknell University, University of Minnesota-Mankato, Olin College, James Madison University, and Clemson University.  We communicate via e-mail and videoconference, as well as semi-annual retreats, to develop mindsets and practices that will lead to greater diversity in each of our learning environments. Here is an excerpt from our manifesto:  

We believe effective citizens will need to integrate theory and practice that allows them to experiment with new ways of living.  We all need to become innovators, systems thinkers, and continuous learners who honor natural diversity.  We admit that we are part of the problem we wish to solve, but resolve to be the change we wish to see in academia. We must learn to intervene in academic systems in a way that both respects existing values, embodies new paradigms and causes change.  We need to find within ourselves authenticity, benevolence, empathy, mindfulness, courage, joy, creativity, perseverance, and openness. It is our intent to prepare youth and ourselves to honor the whole of nature and empower one another to create equitable social contracts.

Group Members

Administrative Assistant

Karen White


Ann Bessenbacher


Michael Canning