President Daniels Writes to President Obama introducing the Purdue Polytechnic Institute

  The Purdue Polytechnic Incubator aims to graduate thoughtful Makers and Thinkers who will shape their future and ours. Important habits of mind that our students acquire through their studies are problem-based learning, learning in context, learning just in time, and lifelong learning. These will equip them for a productive and fulfilling life.

This week, President Obama hosted the first Maker Faire at the White House. He declared June 18th to be a National Day of Making. In his remarks, he called on “all dreamers across the country to become makers of things, not just consumers of things.”

Purdue University was invited to this event. Davin Huston, faculty fellow and advisor to the Student Association of Mechanical and Electrical Technologists, was one of the representatives sent. President Daniels wrote a letter to President Obama thanking him for the invitation and citing the Purdue initiatives and activities that are fully aligned with the Maker movement: Purdue Polytechnic Institute, the Association of Mechanical and Electrical Technologists, and the Purdue Foundry.

The Mayor of Anderson, Kevin Smith, was also in attendance representing the city of Anderson and its Purdue campus. The city of Anderson and the College of Technology-Anderson campus received a $150,000 grant to be used to build a Purdue Polytechnic Maker Space, among other projects. The Maker Space will be open for students, faculty, and industry leaders to work side by side, creating a unique symbiosis and innovative atmosphere.

Like the College of Technology with its statewide campuses (eight different campuses throughout the state), Purdue Polytechnic initiatives are also run on different campuses. In parallel with the West Lafayette effort, with its 38 students this fall, we also have initiatives in South Bend, New Albany, and Anderson. Each campus is leveraging its unique resources and features to innovate on its educational offerings. Close collaboration and coordination between the different sites allows us to learn from each other and speed up the collective learning process. 

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