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Framework for Systemic Change in Undergraduate Learning

The Framework for Systemic Change in Undergraduate STEM Teaching and Learning, which AAU universities helped to develop, provides a set of key elements that need to be addressed in order to bring about broad-based and sustained reform.

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AAU Conference Poster Session 2014

AAU STEM Network

The network provides AAU institutions the opportunity to engage with other AAU Institutions that have made a similar commitment to improving STEM teaching practices on their campuses.

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AAU STEM Project Sites

AAU STEM Project Sites serve as laboratories to implement AAU's Framework. The seed funded project sites are one component of AAU's initiative to encourage broad-based reform of undergraduate STEM teaching practices at AAU universities.

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Campus Spotlight

The University of California, Davis is developing a culture of using data and evidence around instruction and learning that encourages experimentation, builds urgency, and enables change.

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AAU STEM Initiative

AAU has launched a five-year initiative in collaboration with our member universities to improve the quality of undergraduate teaching and learning in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. This is not another study or research project on STEM education. Instead, it is an effort based on overwhelming existing research to influence the culture of STEM departments at AAU universities so that faculty members are encouraged to use student-centered, evidence-based, active learning pedagogy in their classes, particularly at the first-year and sophomore levels.

Join the initiative

Join the AAU STEM Network! The network enables faculty members and administrators at AAU institutions to share successful strategies that promote scalable and sustainable change in undergraduate STEM teaching and learning. All AAU institutions are welcome.

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