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UC Davis Lab students

New Online Community Platform

Faculty members and administrators can now interact and exchange AAU campus STEM Education reform efforts and opportunities within the AAU STEM Network on Trellis

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UC Davis Lab students

Learning Analytics: Making Data Actionable

UC Davis is in the process of developing an internal Data Visibility and Instructional Network (DVIN) that aims to understand, visualize and optimize the University instructional system

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AAU and Center for Integrative Research on Cognition, Learning, and Education Co-Host STEM Network Conference

This year, we had a great turnout at the AAU STEM Network Conference with 36 AAU institutions and over 100 participants. We look forward to building on its success!

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Framework for Systemic Change in Undergraduate Learning

The Framework for Systemic Change in Undergraduate STEM Teaching and Learning, which AAU universities helped to develop, provides a set of key elements that need to be addressed in order to bring about broad-based and sustained reform.

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AAU STEM Initiative

AAU has launched a five-year initiative in collaboration with our member universities to improve the quality of undergraduate teaching and learning in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. This is not another study or research project on STEM education. Instead, it is an effort based on overwhelming existing research to influence the culture of STEM departments at AAU universities so that faculty members are encouraged to use student-centered, evidence-based, active learning pedagogy in their classes, particularly at the first-year and sophomore levels.

Undergraduate Stories

From biology to engineering, from physics to history, from chemistry to literature, research by undergraduates at AAU universities is making a difference in their education and in our lives. Find out more and read the stories here.

Data gallery

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Join the initiative

Coming soon! The AAU STEM Initiative is in the process of creating an online network to enable faculty members and administrators at AAU institutions to share successful strategies that promote scalable and sustainable change in undergraduate STEM teaching and learning. Keep an eye out for this new feature. All AAU institutions are welcome.