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  1. Abu Ata


  2. Edith Rosana Huaman Guadalupe

    Edith Rosana Huam?n Guadalupe; Professor Researcher Regina National University of the Center of Peru, Registration: 16631, I graduated as a Bachelor of Nursing in 1995. Then the year 2006.Degree of...


  3. Yamilet Rosario Serrano Llerena

    My research is focused on the formal verification of critical systems such as communication networks, health systems, etc. The bugs or faults in these critical systems provoke the loss of lives,...


  4. Lan Thi Thai Nguyen

    I have been working in the area of social work that aims to support and empower the vulnerable groups since early 2000s. There have been a lot of issues and problems that vulnerable and...


  5. Akkawi


  6. Ahmed F Aleroud

    My research interests fall in three main themes. The first one is related to detection of extremism and terrorism behavior using data analytics and machine learning. The second is in the cyber...


  7. Marisol Condori Apaza

    Researcher on issues of electoral processes, gender, social conflicts, environment and internal migration. With the knowledge obtained, public policies can be proposed in favor of the less favored...


  8. Bilal N Sayaheen

    Sayaheen is an assistant professor of Translation Studies in the Department of Translation at Yarmouk University. He teaches several undergraduate courses including theories of translation, CAT...


  9. Usha Mohan

    I have been working on food supply chains with focus on improved food security. In 2013-2014, I recieved a grant to explore food wastage in fruit and vegetable supply chains and their impact on...


  10. Anas Mohmmad Ramadan Alsobeh

    Dr.AlSobeh is the Director of refugees, Displaced Persons and the Forced Migration Studies Center and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Information Systems at Yarmouk University (YU). He...


  11. Ali M Alodat

    My researches focus on gifted and disabled learners from minority and disruptive areas, especially among refugees. I am also interested in researches that investigate inclusive education settings...


  12. Shaker Ahmad Aladwan

    I have conducted several papers and studies for several with national and international bodies for different purposes theoretically and practically in such areas like governance, sustainability,...


  13. Nashwan

    immigrant and refugee populations My area of interest focuses on immigrant social issues, specifically the challenges faced by the increasing numbers of Arab immigrants to the United States. I am...


  14. Naheda Moh'd Makhadmeh


  15. Moh'd Mahmoud Ajlouni

    My general research interests lie in finance. I have developed a special interest in the areas of financial markets, international finance, corporate finance, and corporate governance. Using...