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  1. Awni Yacub Taimeh

    Resources Development of fragile environment , Co-author of national strategies for integrated agriculture development . Author of National Strategy for Food security in Jordan, Participated in...


  2. Huyen Phuong Nguyen

    I have spent 22 years for researching the following areas: Psychological Education such as teacher training, teaching methods; Leadership and Management Education such as policy analysis,...


  3. Corina Fernanda Alvarez Nunez


  4. Belen Rosario Perez Camborda

    I conduct research with university students of psychosocial and educational variables, for example, educational Engagement, optimism, subjective well-being, national-social identity, sense of...


  5. Jose A. Larco Martinelli

    My research expertise is based on quantitative analysis of supply chains and operations. In particular, topics related to human decision making, human factors, and risk management. Such expertise...


  6. Ingrid Sonya Mawussi S. M. Adjovi

    Several factors influence the future of developing countries and their actions in favour of sustainable development. Some of these factors are the subject of my research. This include the topic of...


  7. Luis A Pinzon-salcedo

    I have research experience in the following areas: - Conflict prevention by using alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. This mechanisms include conciliation. I have worked both with businesses...


  8. Edja - Adjibola

    Forecasting and Programming in the field of resource conservation / Conservation of lands, waters and forests / Advices in the development of public policy management of natural resources /...


  9. Banysaeed

    I am interested in studies on tennis (, badminton, tennis, table tennis and squash). I am working hard to develop the games in my country. In addition , I am a lecturer in the Jordanian federation...


  10. Rachel Senat

    I conducted researches in the field of urban issues regarding to recovery post disaster and accountability to affected people. I also did research about human rights regarding to urban policies.


  11. Abdulla Mustafa Al-rawabdeh

    My background and expertise is in the field of Geomatics engineering and environmental sciences. My focus has been in developing cost saving methods that increase the ease of data collection for...


  12. Alsulaiman


  13. Abu Ata


  14. Edith Rosana Huaman Guadalupe

    Edith Rosana Huam?n Guadalupe; Professor Researcher Regina National University of the Center of Peru, Registration: 16631, I graduated as a Bachelor of Nursing in 1995. Then the year 2006.Degree of...


  15. Yamilet Rosario Serrano Llerena

    My research is focused on the formal verification of critical systems such as communication networks, health systems, etc. The bugs or faults in these critical systems provoke the loss of lives,...


  16. Lan Thi Thai Nguyen

    I have been working in the area of social work that aims to support and empower the vulnerable groups since early 2000s. There have been a lot of issues and problems that vulnerable and...


  17. Akkawi


  18. Ahmed F Aleroud

    My research interests fall in three main themes. The first one is related to detection of extremism and terrorism behavior using data analytics and machine learning. The second is in the cyber...


  19. Marisol Condori Apaza

    Researcher on issues of electoral processes, gender, social conflicts, environment and internal migration. With the knowledge obtained, public policies can be proposed in favor of the less favored...


  20. Bilal N Sayaheen

    Sayaheen is an assistant professor of Translation Studies in the Department of Translation at Yarmouk University. He teaches several undergraduate courses including theories of translation, CAT...