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  1. Mark D. Bardini

    Expert in M&E and learning. Designed and managed multiple impact, performance, mid-term, end of project, and other evaluations of international development programs in more than 70 countries.


  2. Ricardo M Tamayo

    I am a researcher in Experimental Psychology. I have developed in collaboration with the Health Ministry of Colombia the Smoking Warnings published in all cigarettes pack in Colombia based on...


  3. Claire Greene

    Implementation and evaluation of mental health, substance use, and psychosocial interventions in humanitarian settings; Implementation science; Experimental and non-experimental evaluations of...


  4. Carmen Valle-Trabadelo

    Psychologist with 15 years' experience in mental health. Worked 8 years in academia and research, at Universidad Autonoma Madrid, Cardiff University, and Universidad San Pablo. Working in...


  5. Adam D Brown

    I conduct research primarily with individuals who are at high risk for mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD following exposure to adversity and trauma. Through collaborations...


  6. Carlos Andres Mira

    In my work as a principal, coordinator, teacher, researcher and advisor, I have used historical sources of wars to develop peace building skills in children, adolescents, and adults. In the same...


  7. Manuel Ramiro Muñoz


  8. Santiago Andres Roa

    I worked for UNFPA as quantitative consultant


  9. Timothy Murphy

    Youth Workforce Development Programs


  10. Ulf Thoene

    Business for Peace: Research project on labour market integration of internally displaced people, and ex-combatants.Research project on skill development of final year high school students and...


  11. William Oswaldo Gaviria Gutierrez

    Experiencia en procesos de investigaci?n enfocados en (1) participaci?n comunitaria para la reducci?n del riesgo de desastres, (2) desplazamiento por conflictos armados y habitabilidad en zonas de...


  12. Wondwesen Girma Mamo


  13. Yebrail Castaneda Castaneda Lozano

    In recent years my research has been oriented towards educational, political and ethical problems. In education, I am working on ambiguity as a pedagogical strategy, politically my work has been...


  14. Seare Hadush

    i can work as project coordinator of health related projects and developing policy repleted to development


  15. Carlos Eduardo Hernandez

    Profesional en Econom?a, Especialista en Administraci?n Financiera, con m?s de trece a?os de experiencia en las ?reas de planeaci?n estrat?gica, administraci?n de proyectos, pol?ticas p?blicas,...


  16. Paula Andrea Ceron

    Research professor, specialist in working with the community, empowerment of rights and generation of participation spaces


  17. Mitiku Gabrehiwot Tesfaye

    I work in most social science research and development issues such as sociology, anthropology, development studies and legal practices in Ethiopia. In addition, I work with disadvantaged groups and...


  18. Miguel Garcia-Sanchez

    I have done RCTs on attitudes towards peace agreement and trust in institutions.


  19. Julian Andres Loaiza De La Pava

    This knowledge production has been developed in the Research Line Political Socialization and Subjectivities Construction, Memories and Peace, which is developed in the" Doctorate in Social...


  20. Gary E Briers

    Agricultural extension, education of extension professionals, capacity building of professionals in secondary, tertiary, and higher education.