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  1. Duality forgotten and memory of the atrocities of the war for the community of Central African refugees living in Benin and prospects for development

    Collections | 13 Feb 2020 | Posted by Kyle Steven Habig


  2. Imokola, J. B. (2015). Assessment of the Observance of Tv Program Ratings in Uganda: a Case of Telenovelas. Unpublished MA Thesis. Makerere.

    Collections | 12 Feb 2020 | Posted by Xiaoan Zhang


  3. Baguma, P. & Furnham, A. (2012).Attributions for and the perceived effects of poverty in East Africa: A study from Uganda. In Furnham, A, Carr, S, MacLachlan, M., (Editors). (2012). Humanitarian Work Psychology: Alignment, Harmonization and Cultural Com

    Collections | 12 Feb 2020 | Posted by Xiaoan Zhang


  4. Richard Obinna Iroanya

    Countering violet extremism- I have worked on state and state sponsorship of international terrorism in my postgraduate studies. I have published journal articles on threat of international...


  5. Rumi Kato Price

    Developed risk marker mapping for sex trafficking in the St. Louis resion based on three domains of volunerability; evaluation of local service provider programs serving minors at risk for...


  6. Patrick To Dzimiri

    I am knowledgeable about project monitoring and evaluation especially the overall performance of programs including designing, implementation and monitoring in line with organisational goals.


  7. Henry Nsubuga


  8. Hang Thuy Nguyen


  9. Kamran Niazi

    Creation of sector development strategies and visions, with a special focus on identifying potential areas of intervention for donor assistance, as well as designing programs.


  10. Edison Nsubuga

    Experienced Educationist with over 10 years of progressive pre-primary, primary, secondary and tertiary education program development, implementation oversight, monitoring, reporting, and...


  11. Dhinesh Radhakrishnan


  12. Diana Carolina Cabrera


  13. Chinh Van Le

    Pricing water in irrigated agriculture, water policies, water management, institutional arrangements in water sector.


  14. Susan Marx

    I have specialization in strategic planning and development organizational change management. Additionally expertise in policy research and change in emerging democracies.


  15. Jabulani Makhubele

    As a social worker, educator and researcher, aspects related to socio-cultural and religious conditions of people have a bearing on their development and survival


  16. Margaret Roper

    M&E expertise for USAID and other donors. Development consultant for South Africa Government on range of health, social development, psycho-social, education and governance - including policy...


  17. Erica Koegler

    Using mixed quantitive and qualitative methods to answer a research question or develop and assess the impact of an intervention.


  18. Community Operational Research: Developing a systemic peace education programme involving urban and rural communities in Colombia

    Collections | 26 Dec 2019 | Posted by Xiaoan Zhang


  19. Scofield Yoni Muliru

    He is a researcher and program development specialist who believes in sustainable conflict transformation models. He has over ten years of experience, in conflict and project management within the...


  20. John Bosco Bosco Ngoya

    I have extensively engaged in facilitating participatory land and resource-based conflict resolution and peace building processes in the Karamoja and Teso Sub-regions of Uganda. I lectured at the...