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  1. Chad Staddon

    I work mainly on sustainable socio-engineering of rainwater harvesting and similar for household and community scale water security.


  2. Chalchisa Hunde Milkecha

    water resource,environmental and hydraulic engineer


  3. Chaw Su Lwin


  4. Chen, J., Y. Liu, M.W. Gitau, B.A. Engel, D.C. Flanagan, J.M. Harbor. 2019. Evaluation of the effectiveness of green infrastructure on hydrology and water quality in a combined sewer overflow community. Science of the Total Environment.

    Collections | 07 Oct 2019 | Posted by Xiaoan Zhang


  5. Chi Kim Vu

    Dr. Vu Kim Chi is the Vice director of VNU – Institute of Vietnamese Studies and Development Science. Her research interests focus on rural and urban developments in the context of climate...


  6. Chinh Cong Duong

    Investigation, survey and assessment of the current and future water demand for domestic and production purposes; Water quality monitoring, Define pollution sources; Environment impact assessment,...


  7. Chinh Van Le

    Pricing water in irrigated agriculture, water policies, water management, institutional arrangements in water sector.


  8. Christian Ley

    I have collaborated with civil, chemical, and mechanical engineers to design and install drinking water systems in the DR and Guatemala


  9. Chung Ngoc Luong

    Dr. Luong Ngoc Chung is Deputy Director of Institute of Water Resources Planning, where he has 30 years of experience in developing state-of-the-art models. Mr. Chung works closely with the...


  10. Cindy Vanessa Ballardo Matos

    My experience is in the management and treatment of organic solid waste, giving added value to this waste and avoiding the contamination of streets, rivers, parks, etc. my commitment is to the...


  11. Corina Fernanda Alvarez Nunez


  12. Corrie Hannah

    Corrie Hannah is an interdisciplinary scholar with training across the social and natural sciences. She focuses on international development topics, which includes policy analysis, environmental...


  13. Cuong Kien Nguyen

    I specialize in working environment and occupational deseases. I also work in water quality management and in the field of detoxification and


  14. Cynthia


  15. Dan Phuoc Nguyen

    My current interesting researches focus on: (i) biological nitrogen removal, (ii) application of membrane technology for water and wastewater treatment, water reclamation; (iii) anaerobic treatment...


  16. Dang Nguyen Thuc Anh

    The current water environment in Da Nang is in serious shortage. Saline intrusion has led to water shortages in the city. In 2019, a serious shortage of clean water sources took place. Business,...


  17. Dang Toan Vu

    I am researcher and lecture in the field of agriculture and nutrition as an consultant, promoter, manager, coordinator and technical for different project and/or program. My recent working areas as...


  18. Danh Thanh Vo


  19. Daniel Assefa Ejigsemahu

    I have more than 5 years in monitoring and evaluation of development projects. I have managed more than 25 baseline, endline surveys, formative assessments and others. I am also familiar in...


  20. Daniel Francisco Rojas Garcia