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  1. Nguyen The Nghia

    Currently, I am researching and finishing a type of wind turbine that is low cost, simple manufacturing technology, suitable for Vietnam climate conditions, where wind speed is not high. I'm also...


  2. Pham Thi Thu Ha

    I had published 45 articles related to different aspects of environmental component assessment, ecosystem assessment and solutions for concerning issues. I had published 01 book on Guideline of the...


  3. Omar D Lopez Mejia

    Application of computational tools in the solution of energy efficiency problems such as mechanical energy conversion (turbines, combustion) and their impact in the environment


  4. Nguyen Tai Tue

    My expertise focuses on assessing vulnerability to climate change, climate change adaptation and mitigation. My researches aim to develop measures to reduce the impacts from climate change for...


  5. Ha Minh Ngoc

    Polluted water has caused negative impact both directly and indirectly to human health, living organisms, while also bad affecting to the production process. In the form of water pollution, heavy...


  6. Ha Thi Thu Pham

    I graduated my PhD. course from Quebec University, Canada in 2013 with my thesis related to sustainable development, integrated water resources management, impact assessment of climate change and...


  7. Phuong Minh Nguyen

    My research expertise is environmental biotechnology, i.e ecotechnology like constructed wetlands and microbial technologies for wastewater treatment to eliminate environmental pollution. I have...


  8. Hoang Oanh Thi Le

    Our research results contribute solutions for sustainable development (bio-pesticides, bio-material for environmental technology) and may further involve the policy.


  9. Sriram


  10. Raghavan Srinivasan

    The centerpiece of Dr. Srinivasan's research since he joined Texas A&M AgriLife Research in 1992 has been his leadership and cooperation with USDA scientists in the development, dissemination, and...


  11. Vijay P Vsingh

    Hydrology, groundwater, hydraulics, irrigation, water resources, climate change impacts, water quality; water-energy-food security, entropy, copual, amd modeling


  12. Ghada Nassri Kassab

    For the past five years, my research activities were focused on food wastes and sewage sludge valorization via anaerobic co-digestion, decentralized sanitation and wastewater reuse in agriculture.


  13. Elsa A Murano

    Expertise in food safety from the perspective of mitigating food safety risks during production and processing of foods, and development of policies and regulatory systems/frameworks to ensure food...


  14. Rund A Abu-zurayk

    My main research expertise is polymer nanocomposites and their applications. I have many publications in field of polymer nanocomposites processing and structure-property relationship. Also I have...


  15. Bashar M Al Smadi

    Research has come to be viewed as the first and most essential form of scholarly activity; it is the means by which knowledge is generated. The need for research in the area of water and...


  16. Tala H. Qtaishat

    My research interests are mainly in applied economics of limited agricultural resources, especially policy, planning, and project/program analysis of water resources. I have little interest in...


  17. Corina Fernanda Alvarez Nunez


  18. Betty Maria Condori Quispe

    The moisture content of the ground, clay, gravel, sand,mud, soil deformation and large settlements.


  19. Jose A. Larco Martinelli

    My research expertise is based on quantitative analysis of supply chains and operations. In particular, topics related to human decision making, human factors, and risk management. Such expertise...


  20. Lopez Lenes

    I have been researching on assessing climate change effects on the water resources availability of the Sacred Valley of the Incas which is an important agricultural and archeological place here in...