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  1. Edimar Aparecida Fontes


  2. Andr? Pereira Rosa


  3. Efraim Lizaro Reis


  4. Brenno Santos Leite


  5. Eduardo A G Marques

    I have been working with geological risk reduction (both landslides and floods) and underground water


  6. Elizabeth P.b . Fontes

    The major interest of my lab is on plant defense signaling pathways against biotic and abiotic stresses, more specifically in plant response to geminivirus infection, water deficit and endoplasmic...


  7. Alisson C Borges

    I am Associate Professor at Federal University of Vi?osa (UFV). I hold a PhD (2007), MSc (2003) and BSc (2000) in Sanitary Engineering area. Currently, I coordinate the Water Quality Laboratory. I...


  8. Demetrius David Da Silva

    I'm a full professor at the Department of Agricultural Engineering at the Federal University of Vi?osa (UFV), Brazil. I teach Planning and Management of Water Resources, Hidrology and Hidraulic. I...


  9. Maria Cristina Dantas Vanetti

    The demand for safe, nutritious and functional food supply is a challenge for food microbiology science and projects in development are aimed at alternative technologies to guarantee food safety...


  10. Andrea B Ribon

    I received my doctoral in Microbiology and currently, I work on bacterial pathogenesis, identification of antimicrobial and antivirulence compounds to fight bacterial infections, and development of...


  11. Eugenio Eduardo Oliveira


  12. Antonio Marcos De Oliveira Siqueira

    Antonio Marcos de Oliveira Siqueira He holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from the Federal University of Minas Gerais (1993), a Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering (Concentration Area:...


  13. Andre Luiz Lopes De Faria

    I have worked in the development of research in the areas of river basins, mapping of risks and land use and occupation. Geographic Information Systems are used. This research contributes to the...


  14. Tewodros T Assefa

    Water productivity, Advancing small-scale irrigation


  15. Abebech Abera Beyene

    My research areas are focused in irrigation water resources management for sustainable water resource planning. Specific topics include: irrigation water management and water productivity,...


  16. Rebecca L Gianotti

    I have experience with different aspects of hydrology - land surface hydrology and its interactions with vector-borne disease, climate science / modeling and regional impacts, as well as water...


  17. Qingwu Xue

    The overall goal of my research program is to provide selection tools for breeders and geneticists and management tools for agronomists and producers, through better understanding the physiological...


  18. Thai Van Nguyen

    My research and projects mainly focus on sociology, demography, human geography, gender and water governance, rural livelihoods, cultural diversity and ethnicity, climate change and resilience. I...


  19. Wendy E Jepson

    My research in the area of household water insecurity addresses the key challenges of LMICs and SGD6. My research advances the goal of sustainable and socially equitable water policy and...


  20. Kien Van Nguyen

    Dr. Kien Van Nguyen is research fellow in the Fenner School of Environment and Society at The Australian National University. He is also the Ex-Director of Research Center for Rural Development of...