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  1. Edmundo G. Moreno

    My research activity has been in limnology: physical, chemical and biological w?ter quality. I have particularly worked in lake zooplankton communities. My interest is focused on Lake Titicaca and...


  2. Eduardo A G Marques

    I have been working with geological risk reduction (both landslides and floods) and underground water


  3. Efraim Lizaro Reis


  4. Efraim Michael Kosia

    I hold Master of Science in Educational Management, Evaluation and Assessment and the PhD in Education Assessment and Evaluation


  5. Elizabeth P.b . Fontes

    The major interest of my lab is on plant defense signaling pathways against biotic and abiotic stresses, more specifically in plant response to geminivirus infection, water deficit and endoplasmic...


  6. Elsa A Murano

    Expertise in food safety from the perspective of mitigating food safety risks during production and processing of foods, and development of policies and regulatory systems/frameworks to ensure food...


  7. Emmanuel Ephraim Hanai

    I support development partners in implementing development projects in aspects of environment, water and natural resources.


  8. Erick Alouis Josue

    For more information please check my attachment CV. CURRICULUM VITAE ERICK ALOUIS JOSUE Turkana County, Kakuma. Mobile : +254704446408 Email: erickaloise1997@gmail.com PERSONAL PROFILE I am a...


  9. Erin Baldridge

    Strategy, facilitating participatory processes


  10. Ermias Teferi Demessie

    I have been carrying out GIS-based researches related to land management, climate resilience and water resource management.


  11. Eugenio Eduardo Oliveira


  12. Evaristo Haulle

    most of the works that I am conducting in the field are using both quantitative and qualitative data techniques, sometime I use GIS, most of the works done in my research are related to policy...


  13. Faith Nanyonjo


  14. Fakher Jabr Aukour

    environmental quality. Dealing with solid waste management and reuse, research into loss of vegetation and assessment of its extent and environmental alternatives. In his doctoral dissertation,...


  15. Federico Perez Penalos

    Transformation and improvement of water and sanitation utilities management


  16. Francis J Mulaa

    Development of technologies for bioremediation and green chemistry production of value added chemicals. Using agricultural biomass as starting material for value addition and applying enzymes as...


  17. Gary R. Burniske

    I conduct multidisciplinary research in a wide range of topics related to food security in USAID countries globally. I have considerable experience designing, managing and implementing programs in...


  18. Getachew Adam Workneh

    Sustainable Energy is the key for achieving other demands of our society. With achieving the sustainable energy demand we can achieve other demands such as clean water, sustainable agriculture,...


  19. Ghada Nassri Kassab

    For the past five years, my research activities were focused on food wastes and sewage sludge valorization via anaerobic co-digestion, decentralized sanitation and wastewater reuse in agriculture.


  20. Giang Thi Huong Nguyen

    Working as a lecturer of Vietnam National University of Agriculture, my research interest focuses on rural environmental quality assessment and pro-environmental behavior related to waste...