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  1. Hung Xuan Dinh

    Scope of work: research (Climate Change, Sustainable Development, Disaster risk warning). Others: Water management,


  2. Chung Ngoc Luong

    Dr. Luong Ngoc Chung is Deputy Director of Institute of Water Resources Planning, where he has 30 years of experience in developing state-of-the-art models. Mr. Chung works closely with the...


  3. Tu Trong Dao

    Dr. Dao Trong Tu, PhD. is a senior institutional and policy advisor at the CENTRE FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT OF WATER RESOURCES AND ADAPTATION TO CLIMATE CHANGE in the area of water and land...


  4. Son Viet Le

    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Do Viet Son is a senior water resources specialist at the Institute of Water Resources Planning, where he holds various positions since 2003 in the area of water resources...


  5. Yu-kai Huang


  6. Nhuan Thi Thu Nguyen

    We (college) want to improve our city residents' lives, economics and agriculture.


  7. Shahriar Kibriya


  8. Tran Thi Hong Hien

    Analyzing air quality and pollution data in Hanoi, Vietnam on a local NGO which name is Live&Learn. When interning in this NGO, Monitoring and Evaluation is a content of works, but I'm a...


  9. Yadu Pokhrel

    My work has been interdisciplinary that cuts disciplines across climate science, water resources management, and food security. My work also utilizes remote sensing and GIS techniques along with...


  10. Tuan Van Nguyen

    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Tuan, who has a PhD and Msc in Bioresource and Bio-Environment Sciences both from Kyushu University, Japan. Currently, he is a senior engineer at WAREC and also the Head...


  11. Thi Phuong Mai Nguyen

    I focus on forest ecosystem services and community-based management of forests and natural resources. I also work with researches of environment education and knowledge of resource conservation and...


  12. Oanh Hoang Thi Lam

    MSc. Lam Thi Hoang Oanh is the PhD student in Land and Water Environment at Can Tho University and the researcher of Can Tho University Research Institute for Climate Change (DRAGON Institute -...


  13. Dang Toan Vu

    I am researcher and lecture in the field of agriculture and nutrition as an consultant, promoter, manager, coordinator and technical for different project and/or program. My recent working areas as...


  14. Van Tai Tang

    Dr. Van Tai Tang is currently working as a Lecturer at the Faculty of Environment and Labour Safety, Ton Duc Thang University, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. He graduated PhD Municipal Engineering...


  15. Dinah Roll

    As a researcher I work on internationalization of HEI, specifically international cooperation and internationalization of the curriculum. Although, in this subscirpiton I showed interest in...


  16. Nguyen Thi Phuong Mai

    I have experience in nitrogen cycles in paddy field, health risk assessment. I am focusing the source of organic compound and elements in particulate matter in urban and industrial area.


  17. Lan Thi Phung


  18. Phuong Tran Lan Pham

    My major is working in water governance. I have also participated in variety of project related to water issue in urban region as well as water governance in agriculture sector.


  19. Thi Xuan Dieu Phan

    Currently, I am collaborating in the Project: "Improving smallholder farmer incomes through the strategic market development of mango supply chains in southern Vietnam" (funded by AICIAR). My...


  20. Ha Thi Viet Tran

    Water management, environmental engineering, sustainable development