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  1. Structural Dependence of the Sulfur Reduction Mechanism in Carbon-Based Cathodes for Lithium–Sulfur Batteries

    Collections | 02 Jun 2020 | Posted by Kyle Steven Habig


  2. Henock Abate Demssia


  3. Danh Thanh Vo


  4. Khanh Thi Nguy

    In my work, I spend many time for development of organisation and network's strategy as well as leading the policy advocacy work of alliance. In order to execute this task, I need stasistic data,...


  5. Anh Thi Pham

    My research focus on the environmental problems system analysis, sustainable development and public participation on the infrastructure project and environment and


  6. Kinh Thi Kieu


  7. Khanh Tran Thien Nguyen

    Dr. Nguyen Tran Thien Khanh is Head, Office ofScience Management & Graduate Studies An Giang University - Vietnam University Ho Chi Minh City,Vietnam is located in Long Xuyen city. The university...


  8. Daniel Assefa Ejigsemahu

    I have more than 5 years in monitoring and evaluation of development projects. I have managed more than 25 baseline, endline surveys, formative assessments and others. I am also familiar in...


  9. Edbertha A. Azinah


  10. Victor Odongi Odalo

    Kenya water and sanitation


  11. Hesbon Otieno


  12. Abdullah Ali Halage


  13. Xuan-Que Nguyen Vo

    My PhD involved primary researches on wetland nutrient cycling, nitrogen and phosphorus cycles in sediments of streams, of which the hydrologic connectivity is impaired by dams and weirs. I have...


  14. Delessa Bulcha Neger

    For croscutting items I selected, the first reason is that I am an economist who worked as developmwnt practitioner in governemnt offices ,and university president (CEO) and Depurt CEO(Vice...


  15. Tafesse Matewos Karo

    I have very good skill in STATA, SPSS, GIS, Particpated in the preparation of different strategic plans


  16. Tena Alamirew Agumassie



  17. Argaw Ambelu

    Argaw Ambelu is a Professor of Environmental Health and Ecology at Jimma University. He has obtained his Batchelor degree in Environmental Health from Jimma University, MSc and PhD in Environmental...


  18. Seblework Mekonen Shegen

    Recently, I am working on chemical residues in body biomarkers and risk of breast cancer. it needs statistical or quantitative analysis for sample size determination, significance test, GIS used...


  19. Solomon Benor

    I am Plant Biotechnologist by profession and particularly working in biodiversity management, urban agriculture, Plant Breeding and Environmental Sciences. Besides, I am working on leadership and...


  20. Ermias Teferi Demessie

    I have been carrying out GIS-based researches related to land management, climate resilience and water resource management.