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  1. Andrea B Ribon

    I received my doctoral in Microbiology and currently, I work on bacterial pathogenesis, identification of antimicrobial and antivirulence compounds to fight bacterial infections, and development of...


  2. Anh Thi Pham

    My research focus on the environmental problems system analysis, sustainable development and public participation on the infrastructure project and environment and


  3. Anh Tran Ngoc

    I am a senior expert in the field of disaster risk management, river basin management, Hydrology, river-estuary-coastal zone-sea hydrodynamics with over 20 years of working experience. I received...


  4. Anh Van Le Thi


  5. Anned-linz Senadin


  6. Antoine Aubeneau

    interdisciplinary research in all natural sciences, with a core expertise in water


  7. Antonio Marcos De Oliveira Siqueira

    Antonio Marcos de Oliveira Siqueira He holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from the Federal University of Minas Gerais (1993), a Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering (Concentration Area:...


  8. Argaw Ambelu

    Argaw Ambelu is a Professor of Environmental Health and Ecology at Jimma University. He has obtained his Batchelor degree in Environmental Health from Jimma University, MSc and PhD in Environmental...


  9. Assnake Bekele Habtemikael

    I am a geologist workings currently as Lecturer so my interest is mainly in the education sector, doing research in in environmental protection, surface and ground water management and mineral...


  10. Augustina Clara Alexander

    Engineering, design of water supply and sewage system, groundwater assessment and management. Application of GIS in management of water resources and mapping.


  11. Awugchew Teshome Ayele

    I work in wastewater treatment and engineering, and i am epidemiologist i'm expert in statistics/ quantitative analysis


  12. Ayat A. Bozeya


  13. Bao-Son Trinh

    Dr. Trinh Bao-Son has 20-year experience in the fields of environmental management, focusing on water quality and the impacts of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) on ecological system. He...


  14. Baru Debtera Bejena

    Master of Chemical Engineering and Technology from Belgium University


  15. Bashar M Al Smadi

    Research has come to be viewed as the first and most essential form of scholarly activity; it is the means by which knowledge is generated. The need for research in the area of water and...


  16. Basil Tito Iro Ong'or

    I have been a researcher and practitioner for the last twenty six (26) years, specifically in the Engineering area viz. Water Resources Engineering, Enviromental Engineering and Agricultural...


  17. Beatrice Adera Amollo

    Expert in project planning, monitoring, reporting and knowledge management. Also skilled in information systems design and installation for efficiency in the management of resources (including water)


  18. Belachew Zegale Tizazu


  19. Betty Maria Condori Quispe

    The moisture content of the ground, clay, gravel, sand,mud, soil deformation and large settlements.


  20. Bezaye Gorfu Tessema