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  1. Abdulla Mustafa Al-rawabdeh

    My background and expertise is in the field of Geomatics engineering and environmental sciences. My focus has been in developing cost saving methods that increase the ease of data collection for...


  2. Abdullah Ali Halage


  3. Abebech Abera Beyene

    My research areas are focused in irrigation water resources management for sustainable water resource planning. Specific topics include: irrigation water management and water productivity,...


  4. Abeyou W Worqlul

    I apply GIS and remote sensing data to identify suitable potential areas for small-scale irrigation and to identify hotspot areas that affect downstream water quality and design and develop best...


  5. Abraham Mebrat Asmare


  6. Abu Rajab


  7. Abura Vincent Omara

    conducted monitoring and reported on Save the Children International and Karamoja Intergrated Development Programme that informed the project activities and facilitated the refinement of the...


  8. Afework Aemro Berhanu

    am senior academic research assistant in environmental engineering lab


  9. Agustin Zsogon

    Agriculture and agribusiness contributed 23.5% of Brazil's GDP in 2017. 19% of the country's workforce is directly employed in the agriculture sector, and more than half among them are smallholders...


  10. Ahmed N Bdour


  11. Aileen H. Orbecido


  12. Aiman Q Jaradat

    My current research interest and focus has been in industrial and municipal wastewater treatment, studying the fate and transport of contaminants and finding new innovative technologies that are...


  13. Al Zamil

    I working on developing smart solutions (Data level) for supporting smart applications in agriculture, water management, entrepreneurship, and social applications. I have implemented successful...


  14. Alexandra Brewis

    Stigma and social exclusion in the contexts of food, water, sanitation, and health


  15. Alisson C Borges

    I am Associate Professor at Federal University of Vi?osa (UFV). I hold a PhD (2007), MSc (2003) and BSc (2000) in Sanitary Engineering area. Currently, I coordinate the Water Quality Laboratory. I...


  16. Alrabadi

    Establish a water treatment center for the physically injured, includes private baths and tubs to help the injured in rehabilitation through water therapy exercises to rehabilitate and accelerate...


  17. Amanda Davey


  18. Amin N Olaimat

    I have published over 40 peer-reviewed papers in reputed international journals. My current research areas include: the study and analysis the microbial quality and safety of traditional foods, the...


  19. Andr? Pereira Rosa


  20. Andre Luiz Lopes De Faria

    I have worked in the development of research in the areas of river basins, mapping of risks and land use and occupation. Geographic Information Systems are used. This research contributes to the...