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  1. María Custodio Villanueva


  2. Judith Ashindu Khazenzi

    I have carried out research in environmental health where I have looked at ground and surface water pollution and health risk arising of water


  3. Khaled MA Hazaymeh

    My research expertise focus on the development of remote sensing and geo-spatial techniques for environmental modeling in various applications including agricultural drought, vegetation diversity,...


  4. Cindy Vanessa Ballardo Matos

    My experience is in the management and treatment of organic solid waste, giving added value to this waste and avoiding the contamination of streets, rivers, parks, etc. my commitment is to the...


  5. Sivagami . K

    I am a Chemical Engineer with environmental mangement as my core interest. My doctoral research focus on photo catalytic degradation of widely used pesticides like monocrotophos, chlorpyriphos and...


  6. Mohanad Ali Khodier


  7. Martha Maria Cuenca Quicazan

    I have being working as a researcher solving problems related to develop new products for beekeepers associations, different electrochemical monitoring systems, lactic and ethanolic fermentations...


  8. Aiman Q Jaradat

    My current research interest and focus has been in industrial and municipal wastewater treatment, studying the fate and transport of contaminants and finding new innovative technologies that are...


  9. Sawsan Khaleel Alshattnawi


  10. Lina A Alhmoud

    Every drop counts! Wind turbine to collect water out of the atmosphere in water scarcity refugee's campus. Recently I have been looking into the prospect of how engineers are taking ideas from...


  11. Al Zamil

    I working on developing smart solutions (Data level) for supporting smart applications in agriculture, water management, entrepreneurship, and social applications. I have implemented successful...


  12. Gregory B Baecher

    Flood and coastal risk reduction and management. Water resources infrastructure and hydropower safety. Water resources management and risk reduction are pressing issues in all the great deltas of...