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  1. Jun 08 2015

    Research Goes to School Summer Workshop 2015

    Research Goes to School is a multi-faceted program that …•Delivers the global research topic of sustainable biofuel energy into high school science, technology, and math classrooms•Is composed of a...


  2. Jun 09 2014

    Research Goes to School Summer 2014 Workshop

    Two-week intensive session devoted to the underlying ideas of nanotechnology using Problem-based Learning techniques. Stipends of $200 per day, travel allotment, meals, housing, and 45 hours of PGP...


  3. Jun 10 2013

    Research Goes to School Teacher Workshop

    The Research Goes to School Program is a five-year program funded by the National Science Foundation. Each year-long cycle includes the participation of in-service teachers with Noyce Scholars and...