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  1. Upcoming Opportunity: Grand Research Challenges for Development

    17 Dec 2020 | Posted by Jeffrey A Goecker

    In January 2021, LASER PULSE will issue a Request for Applications (RFA) entitled “Grand Research Challenges for Development” (GRCD) to fund research awards for collaboration between...


  2. New Online Trainings Available

    24 Sep 2020 | Posted by Jeffrey A Goecker

    LASER PULSE would like to make you aware of new online training modules available to network members. These trainings address critical issues in research translation and your participation in them...


  3. New Templates available for Research Translation

    25 Jun 2020 | Posted by Jeffrey A Goecker

    The LASER PULSE Research Translation team is excited to present templates and tools now available to Network Members. These resources are intended to directly support research translation projects...


  4. Why Partner to Translate Research?

    06 Dec 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey A Goecker

    We in LASER PULSE, intend to change the way research influences practice. In our experience, early and active collaborations to translate research are the most effective means to ensure that...