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  1. Barnett A Rattner

    Conducts hypothesis-driven laboratory and field investigations, risk assessments and scholarly evaluations on the toxicity of legacy and contemporary pollutants (industrial contaminants, metals,...


  2. Loan Thanh Pham-nguyen

    I am working on efficient power and green, alternative energy converters. In particular, my lab member are designing thermo-electric power converter integrated circuits. Another work is the design...


  3. Shahriar Kibriya


  4. Mark Musumba

    In monitoring and evaluation, I have developed a sustainability framework that guides researchers employ a holistic systems approach to examining the relative performance of their innovations. I...


  5. Marco A Palma

    experimental economics


  6. Huong Thi Thanh Tran

    I have had more than twenty years working in many aspects in development and recently in the past five years I am focusing on community engagement education in Vietnam. I found Vietnam Campus...


  7. An Le Pham

    Associate Professor Dr. Pham Le An is a Pediatrician and Family Physician at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy at Ho Chi Minh city. He received his medical degree, Master of Science and Ph.D...


  8. Dang Toan Vu

    I am researcher and lecture in the field of agriculture and nutrition as an consultant, promoter, manager, coordinator and technical for different project and/or program. My recent working areas as...


  9. Huy-dung Han

    Algorithms design, electronic hardware design, internet of things system design for air quality monitoring systems


  10. Dinah Roll

    As a researcher I work on internationalization of HEI, specifically international cooperation and internationalization of the curriculum. Although, in this subscirpiton I showed interest in...


  11. Hong H. T. C. Le

    I have 4 year experiences being an environmental health researcher, specilized in traffic-air pollution, household air pollution and children health. Besides, I have over 10 years working on...


  12. Thang Tat Vo


  13. Duyen Thi Phu Tran


  14. Cuong Kien Nguyen

    I specialize in working environment and occupational deseases. I also work in water quality management and in the field of detoxification and


  15. Thoa Thi Pham


  16. Zubair Khan Qadar Khan Pathan


  17. Linh Thuy Nguyen

    I gained the Master of Epidemiology from the University of Queensland, Australia in 2016. My masster thesis used data from the logitudinal study of Australian women to explore factors related to...


  18. Kien Van Nguyen

    I am an academic researcher as well as a development practictioner. My research foucus on sustainalbe agriculture, nutriton and health, water government and adaption to climate change in the Mekong...


  19. Moving towards the immunodiagnosis of staphylococcal intramammary infections

    Collections | 31 Jul 2020 | Posted by Kyle Steven Habig


  20. Taxonomy of prokaryotic viruses: 2017 update from the ICTV Bacterial and Archaeal Viruses Subcommittee

    Collections | 30 Jul 2020 | Posted by Kyle Steven Habig