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  1. Victor Eno

    I have conducted research and published in the areas of health policy and politics. In particular, my research expertise spans the issues of health insurance and access to healthcare for minority...


  2. Gary R. Burniske

    I conduct multidisciplinary research in a wide range of topics related to food security in USAID countries globally. I have considerable experience designing, managing and implementing programs in...


  3. Christopher Hook

    Promundo is the co-creator of the International Men and Gender Equality Survey (IMAGES), the most substantial survey of men and women's attitudes about gender equality and accompanying behaviors....


  4. Valerie Browning

    I currently manage a program for pastoralist development in health and education that has to see female empowerment and local economic growth. This has had and still needs to be thoroughly...


  5. Bhagyashree Katare

    Dr. Katare’s research program focuses on the economics of food, health, and nutrition, particularly in empirical analysis of consumption behavior related to health, labor, and educational outcomes....


  6. Erin Baldridge

    Strategy, facilitating participatory processes


  7. Mirgissa Kaba Serbessa

    I am good in building capacity of researchers in qualitative research methods and mixed method, interdisciplinary research


  8. Alemayehu Hailu

    •I have 11 years of work experience in academics, research, and project leadership in Health Economics and Economic Evaluation. •I have extensive experience in conducting Economic...


  9. Stacie Gobin


  10. Balako Gumi Donde

    I use to work as pastoral livestock production and health coordinator of integrated development projects of GTZ from September 1999-September 2003. Under this program there was livestock...


  11. Henock Abate Demssia


  12. Dr Marilyn Ann DeLuca


  13. German Casas


  14. Adugna Abdi Woldesemayat

    Bioinformatics and high throughput genomics broadly contribute to our understanding of hurdles and to the development of knowledge and data management and manipulation in fields like environmental...


  15. Daniel Assefa Ejigsemahu

    I have more than 5 years in monitoring and evaluation of development projects. I have managed more than 25 baseline, endline surveys, formative assessments and others. I am also familiar in...


  16. Edbertha A. Azinah


  17. Janet Mwangata


  18. Kelly K Baker


  19. Delessa Bulcha Neger

    For croscutting items I selected, the first reason is that I am an economist who worked as developmwnt practitioner in governemnt offices ,and university president (CEO) and Depurt CEO(Vice...


  20. Argaw Ambelu

    Argaw Ambelu is a Professor of Environmental Health and Ecology at Jimma University. He has obtained his Batchelor degree in Environmental Health from Jimma University, MSc and PhD in Environmental...