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  1. Akkawi


  2. Marisol Condori Apaza

    Researcher on issues of electoral processes, gender, social conflicts, environment and internal migration. With the knowledge obtained, public policies can be proposed in favor of the less favored...


  3. Reem Adnan Alkharouf


  4. Juan Carlos Bueno Villanueva


  5. Al-rawashdeh

    Higher education change and reform in the MENA area and global wise Like ( technology integration, internationalization , leadership, gender equity and quality, intersectionality of gender and...


  6. Raed Ismail Ababneh

    As a researcher I am interested in policies and strategies related to the human resource development in public sector organizations. Specifically, I am interested in how to integrate disabled...


  7. Bilal N Sayaheen

    Sayaheen is an assistant professor of Translation Studies in the Department of Translation at Yarmouk University. He teaches several undergraduate courses including theories of translation, CAT...


  8. Shaker Ahmad Aladwan

    I have conducted several papers and studies for several with national and international bodies for different purposes theoretically and practically in such areas like governance, sustainability,...


  9. Abdell Hakim Khalid Al Husban

    As a cultural Anthropologist using all the time an empirical approach i am trying to show the impact that cultural and social factors are playing in shaping and reshaping the whole socio-economic...


  10. Nashwan

    immigrant and refugee populations My area of interest focuses on immigrant social issues, specifically the challenges faced by the increasing numbers of Arab immigrants to the United States. I am...


  11. Nehad Mohammad Tomah Makhadmeh

    How to structure opportunities for girls and women`s in Jordan? Sport can be used as instrument of community development, and enhance student learning. ( Huffman, A. M. 2011) Schools sport pathway...


  12. Dorothy Okello

    Communications with a focus on rural broadband connectivity. This relates to a variety of areas including smart infrastructure, affordable and inclusive telecommunication solutions, and resilience...


  13. Alexandra Towns

    In my current role, I am the strategy lead for research translation initiatives for LASER PULSE. Prior to LASER, I advised international development practitioners on research and university...


  14. Gender Analysis in Research and Application

    15 Apr 2019

    LASER PULSE Certificate course required for RFA application on Gender Considerations.