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  1. Shanelle Chambers Haile

    Extensive training and research experience in both inferential statistics and qualitative methods. Four years professional experience in Monitoring and Evaluation of federal government programs....


  2. Huong Thi Thanh Tran

    I have had more than twenty years working in many aspects in development and recently in the past five years I am focusing on community engagement education in Vietnam. I found Vietnam Campus...


  3. Nicaise Sheila Sagbo

    Evaluated impact of microfinance (agricultural loans) on women's empowerment, on farm income and food security of farmers in Benin. - Evaluate impact of clean cook stove on fuel expenditure of...


  4. Maria Del Pilar Lopez Uribe

    I use quantitative methods to answer questions related to development (conflict, rural development, governance, gender equality) and to estimate impact evaluations of government programs.


  5. Dang Toan Vu

    I am researcher and lecture in the field of agriculture and nutrition as an consultant, promoter, manager, coordinator and technical for different project and/or program. My recent working areas as...


  6. Hong H. T. C. Le

    I have 4 year experiences being an environmental health researcher, specilized in traffic-air pollution, household air pollution and children health. Besides, I have over 10 years working on...


  7. Jeferson Giovanni Tenorio

    I am a human rights defender, educator, peace builder, and changemaker. In 2005, I lost my older brother because of a stray bullet in a gang showdown. I was upset when I saw how the government did...


  8. Nguyen Cong Thanh

    Research and development in the fields of organic agriculture to serve for the life of people and protest the environment.


  9. Binh Duc Nguyen

    We design, propose and conduct various studies and surveys, project implementation and M&E on Startups and MSMEs supporting and development programs/projects in Vietnam such as LinkSME (USAID),...


  10. Thang Tat Vo


  11. Duyen Thi Phu Tran


  12. Phuong Tran Lan Pham

    My major is working in water governance. I have also participated in variety of project related to water issue in urban region as well as water governance in agriculture sector.


  13. Hien Thi Than

    I have been working on the M*E of several projects including tuna value chain development in Binh Dinh province, documentation of lessons learned on the eCDT testing in Binh Dinh province (USAID...


  14. Hue Thu Nguyen

    non profit governance and growtth


  15. Thu Linh Thai

    Entrepreneurship for women in engineering and financial tools to support women in engineering to start up business is really my first concern. The second is SME policy in Vietnam and SME network to...


  16. Zubair Khan Qadar Khan Pathan


  17. Kien Van Nguyen

    I am an academic researcher as well as a development practictioner. My research foucus on sustainalbe agriculture, nutriton and health, water government and adaption to climate change in the Mekong...


  18. Quang Nguyen Xuan Chau


  19. Carolyng Gallop

    RUSI has conducted M & E in several projects especially in Afghanistan and Africa for the EU Commission; and RUSI has wide influence on the policy debate in the UK and worldwide


  20. Huong Thanh Nguyen