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  1. Christine N/a Ngari

    Iam an upcoming researcher having been mentored by experienced researchers .I have strong analytical skills ,resillient and a desire and committment towards the achievent of the Sustainable...


  2. Beatrice C. Cheserek

    I am an Environmentalist (M.Phil.) with over 13 years of experience in environmental and climate change research and registered as Associate Environmental Impact Assessment and Audit Expert with...


  3. Khaled MA Hazaymeh

    My research expertise focus on the development of remote sensing and geo-spatial techniques for environmental modeling in various applications including agricultural drought, vegetation diversity,...


  4. Cindy Vanessa Ballardo Matos

    My experience is in the management and treatment of organic solid waste, giving added value to this waste and avoiding the contamination of streets, rivers, parks, etc. my commitment is to the...


  5. Martha Maria Cuenca Quicazan

    I have being working as a researcher solving problems related to develop new products for beekeepers associations, different electrochemical monitoring systems, lactic and ethanolic fermentations...


  6. Ingrid Sofia Lissbrant

    My research interests combine the areas of agriculture, food and nutritional security and conservation of ecosystems, especially the tropical dry forest, in order to reach sustainable development...


  7. Wassef A Sekhaneh


  8. Shaker Ahmad Aladwan

    I have conducted several papers and studies for several with national and international bodies for different purposes theoretically and practically in such areas like governance, sustainability,...


  9. Muhammad S Bawaaneh

    I am interested in research on climate change in general and in the arid areas in particular. It is very well known that water resources in the eastern Mediterranean region is shrinking with...


  10. Julien G Noel

    Energy Policy and smart grid to reduce power and CO2 consumption Use Electrical vehicule and its performance to develop environmental stategies


  11. Alexis Onzo

    I am Agronomist and I am specialised in Acraology/ Entomology with especially a solid background in the use of biological control technics to fight against agricultural pest in Tropical Africa. My...


  12. Gregory B Baecher

    Flood and coastal risk reduction and management. Water resources infrastructure and hydropower safety. Water resources management and risk reduction are pressing issues in all the great deltas of...


  13. Stephen Silliman

    I am a groundwater hydrologist with experience in numerical, lab and field studies. I also work with multivariate probability/statistics. I am an engineer by training and look at systems...


  14. Alexandra Towns

    In my current role, I am the strategy lead for research translation initiatives for LASER PULSE. Prior to LASER, I advised international development practitioners on research and university...