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  1. Vo Hai Thi

    Microorganism, lipotoxin test sea ??school Specialized graduate students Environmental science


  2. Hoang Trung Du

    Professional/non-professional service to the community: I have teaching in the University on Marine Environment and Resources Management course. I am supervisor for undergraduate and graduate...


  3. Phan Minh-Thu

    : Integrated coastal zone management, natural resources management, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and carrying capacity, using remote sensing and Geographical Information System (GIS) for...


  4. Phu Hung Le

    study on heavy metal or plastics pollution in the coastal areas


  5. Ni Van Duong

    Research, education and management of wetlands related. Building capacity of local communities to adapting uncertainties including globalization and climate variation.


  6. Huyen Thi Thu Do

    16 years of research experience in waste management, industrial pollution prevention and zero emission; in EIA and environmental planning, compiling and coordinating the EIA process, site...


  7. Tran Thi Thu Huong

    My specialty is biology and Environmental technology. I had been learned and analyzed the pollutant parameters in laboratory ofJapan and Vietnam for 5 years. Currently, I am working as a lecturer...


  8. Mai Le


  9. Son Truong Cao

    Direction of research in last 5 years; water environment Problems;Breeding wastes management; Biodiversity management; Environmental Audit; Payment for Environmental Services (PES)


  10. Anh Thi Tu Le

    Energy saving, emission cutting, sustainable business, sustainable supply chain management


  11. Christina Wong

    Program management that includes M&E and development strategy on environmental pollution


  12. Andrew Fang

    My previous research focused on urban systems and air pollution mitigation strategies in cities in the US, China, and India


  13. Uy Vu Phi Nguyen


  14. Tuanlinh Tran Vo

    As a researcher at the Department of Hydro-Geo Chemistry, Institute of Oceanography, my working experience focuses on researches on marine hydro-geochemistry processes, coastal pollution and...


  15. Tuan Anh Pham

    I have worked as policy advisor to Vietnamese government regarding development strategy of the nation, particularly focusing on economic issues


  16. Thang Trung Nguyen

    I have considerable expertise in policy-making and national strategies relating to the environment, climate change, natural resources, waste management etc. I have abundant international...


  17. Lu Phuong Nguyen

    I focused on the transportation and deposition of wide-range air pollutants from traffic activities to indoor environment (high-rise building, commuter bus, train etc.) and in the respiratory...


  18. Anh Duc Luong


  19. Sabrina Aguiari


  20. Van The Ho

    Ho Van The has been interesting in studies on phytoplankton and then coordinating environment monitoring activities of Institute of Oceanography. The recent perspective is on impacts of...