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  1. Arnoldo Arrieta

    Cultural and social afirmation


  2. Asadullah Azam

    We are working in collaboration with other private and governmental sectors for the development of sustainability in the country


  3. Asdenaki Aklilu Gebremikael

    Mathematical Education: How to teach Mathematics Subject for disabled using Technology based to help improve learning outcomes and stablish in promoting Gender equality in Education


  4. Asfia Obaid

    I have undertaken projects on the impact of IT on youth, the role of entrepreneurship in Pakistan's economy, female digital entrepreneurs in Pakistan - Antecedents and outcomes and numerous...


  5. Asha H Shayo

    I am an Agricultural Extension Practitioner focusing on non-formal education to farmers, fostering gender equality in agriculture, youth, and workforce development. Experience in training...


  6. Asifiwe Eliud Mwagike

    I am so much interested in linking literary work, gender and education. So my research, teaching and papers focus on analyzing gender issues and education in literary work. I examine and evaluate...


  7. Asmelash Woldemariam Beyene

    I have more than 25 years experience in managing various development projects. My experience include designing project, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. I have rich experience in working...


  8. Assnake Bekele Habtemikael

    I am a geologist workings currently as Lecturer so my interest is mainly in the education sector, doing research in in environmental protection, surface and ground water management and mineral...


  9. Astrid Ximena Cortes Lozano

    I have research experience in topics such as: soil biological fertilization processes, agroecology, traditional knowledge management, and ecofeminism


  10. Automatic Extraction of Quranic Lexis Representing Two Different Notions of Linguistic Salience: Keyness and Prosodic Prominence

    Collections | 07 Oct 2019 | Posted by Xiaoan Zhang


  11. Ava Patricia Avila

    I did my PhD on defense and security where I examined how the Philippine armed forces contribute to peace and development and other non-traditional security issues such as disaster response. I...


  12. Baguma, P. & Furnham, A. (2012).Attributions for and the perceived effects of poverty in East Africa: A study from Uganda. In Furnham, A, Carr, S, MacLachlan, M., (Editors). (2012). Humanitarian Work Psychology: Alignment, Harmonization and Cultural Com

    Collections | 12 Feb 2020 | Posted by Xiaoan Zhang


  13. Balozi Kirongo Bekuta

    1. Mobile App development to aid better Natural resource use and conservation. 2. Mobile App development for Education on Forestry


  14. Banysaeed

    I am interested in studies on tennis (, badminton, tennis, table tennis and squash). I am working hard to develop the games in my country. In addition , I am a lecturer in the Jordanian federation...


  15. Bao-Son Trinh

    Dr. Trinh Bao-Son has 20-year experience in the fields of environmental management, focusing on water quality and the impacts of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) on ecological system. He...


  16. Barbara Dennis

    I work with communities to facilitate their capacities to engage in research to solve their local problems usually problems of racial or gender and sexual equity and social justice in education..


  17. Barnett A Rattner

    Conducts hypothesis-driven laboratory and field investigations, risk assessments and scholarly evaluations on the toxicity of legacy and contemporary pollutants (industrial contaminants, metals,...


  18. Baru Debtera Bejena

    Master of Chemical Engineering and Technology from Belgium University


  19. Basil Tito Iro Ong'or

    I have been a researcher and practitioner for the last twenty six (26) years, specifically in the Engineering area viz. Water Resources Engineering, Enviromental Engineering and Agricultural...


  20. Belachew Zegale Tizazu