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  1. Alexander Hernandez


  2. Alfred Buluma


  3. Algolaylat Algolaylat


  4. Ali M Alodat

    My researches focus on gifted and disabled learners from minority and disruptive areas, especially among refugees. I am also interested in researches that investigate inclusive education settings...


  5. Alicia L. Merino Lozano

    I have teaching experience for approximately 27 years, throughout my career I have done various research topics, mostly oriented to education and young people: social skills, depression, aggressive...


  6. Alok R Chaturvedi

    Purdue University's Institute for Social Empowerment through Entrepreneurship and Knowledge (ISEEK) aims to empower under-privileged and poverty-stricken young people in the world. It achieves its...


  7. Alves Mourao

    I'm a sociologist, with research established in the topics of science, technology and society (STS), sociology of economy, and inclusive education.


  8. Amal Ghaleb Al-bakri

    1. Antimicrobial use in Jordan suffer from misuse and abuse and a high rate of self medication. In my research aimed to highlight the threat of antimicrobial resistance and the wide spread use of...


  9. Amamaw Endalew Ejigu

    Child protection expert, Project M & E Expert and Director


  10. Amanda Dickson

    Translating applied research into educational programming


  11. Amanda Moll


  12. Amani Mohm'd Jom'a Shatnawi


  13. Amare Desalegn Ayele

    Am working on youth development program as a general manager. Hence the research area which I will be involved is in the civic engagement and leadership.


  14. Amber Gove

    Research and policy interests include the improvement and measurement of student learning for local and global policy making, education finance, conditional cash transfers, and factors affecting...


  15. Amberbir Wondimu Tadesse

    My current research focuses primarily on joining cities with smart transportation for common socio economic development, the one which shows such great run was the recent Ethiopian Addis Ababa...


  16. Amer Al Shishany

    Using the anonymity feature of GDSS meeting application as a backbone, the study is aimed to better understand how participants of an anonymous GDSS meeting interacts with each other and with the...


  17. Amukowa Wycliffe


  18. Amy Gillett

    I have helped set up entrepreneurship training programs in many low and middle-income countries around the world. These include programs that directly train entrepreneurs and ones that train...


  19. Amy L Damon

    My work uses micro level survey data to investigate causes and consequences of household and individual level poverty. I use econometric analysis to investigate the effect of programs, policies and...


  20. Amy Lynne Pallangyo