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  1. Dereje Tarekegn Wuddie

    I basically am a sociology lecturer currently, and have been teaching research method courses and many related community services. However, I also have MSc degree in Project Planning and...


  2. Abeyou W Worqlul

    I apply GIS and remote sensing data to identify suitable potential areas for small-scale irrigation and to identify hotspot areas that affect downstream water quality and design and develop best...


  3. Herman Lambert

    My name is Herman Lambert. I have been working in marketing for over 8 years. Now I am engaged in the development of educational online platforms that help students in learning. This is a very...


  4. Seblewongiel Ayenalem Kidanie

    Being a social work professional, I have active participation in social protection policy and strategies development to protect and intervene with disadvantaged groups


  5. Christopher Smith


  6. David Alejandro Gironza


  7. Elizabeth Kemigisha

    I have conducted quantitative analyses and process evaluation for my PhD project. We conducted evaluation of Gender Based Violence in higher institutions of learning for the ministry of Education...


  8. Sangeeta Raja Jobanputra

    Demographic Dividend.


  9. Isasiphinkosi Mdingi


  10. Prudence Mafa


  11. Priya Agrawal

    Have significant experience in developing M&E systems for mid to large sized programs..have led mid to large sized organizations through strategic shifts and been involved in policy making


  12. Carolyn Huang

    Research expertise includes managing and implementing evaluations (impact evaluations, formative, and process), developing evidence synthesis products (evidence gap maps, systematic reviews), and...


  13. Richard Yesaya Shukia


  14. Thang Vu Nguyen

    I focus on electronics system design and can make devices to help monitoring and controlling environment, health, etc. I can also work on CNN to recognize subjects.


  15. Jaron Porciello

    I am an information scientist working at the intersection of evidence-based decision making for applied and real-world problems. I design sociotechnical programs where computational approaches can...


  16. Chi Dac Tran


  17. Phuong Thi Lan Nguyen

    Wastewater treatment by Advanced Oxidation Processes ; solid Waste Engineering, Soil Pollution Remediation


  18. Truc Thi Thach Pham

    participate in many projects in environment management, specially expertise on air quality monitoring, be response for air quality monitoring in the South of Vietnam


  19. Tran Thi Lan Anh


  20. Sao Tho Nguyen

    Working as Key Researcher & Project Coordinator in the field of hydrology, hydrodynamics, Sediment transport and river morphology, water resources planning, management & analysis, water quality...