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  1. Anne Ytreland

    private-sector engagement


  2. Carolyn Huang

    Research expertise includes managing and implementing evaluations (impact evaluations, formative, and process), developing evidence synthesis products (evidence gap maps, systematic reviews), and...


  3. Phuong Hien Tran


  4. Jaron Porciello

    I am an information scientist working at the intersection of evidence-based decision making for applied and real-world problems. I design sociotechnical programs where computational approaches can...


  5. Tung Duong Hoang

    I have considerable expertise in policy-making relating to the environment, climate change and waste management, especially in air quality management. I participated in a number of activities on...


  6. Quyen Ngoc Vu

    Assessment of development policies; development of workforce strategies, socioeconomic plans, policy initiatives.


  7. Matthew J. Kupchik


  8. Dung Viet Nguyen

    I work on regional development issues which is crosscutting in nature. Regional development policy must take into account a wide range of social and economic factors and also the intra- and...


  9. Kien Van Nguyen

    circular agriculture


  10. Max Haggblom

    bioremediation, fate of pollutant chemicals


  11. Anh Van Le Thi


  12. Nguyen Thi Kim Dung

    I have studied ecology, environmental policy, natural resource governance, and social science research methods. My recent research focuses on institutional analysis of protected area co-management,...


  13. Van Thang Mai

    Working for a long time on environment management, I participated man activities related to monitoring and evaluation of development projects and also involved in developing provincial policies on...


  14. Si Tuan Tuan Vo

    I was a evaluator for GEF team in evaluating projects in Southeast Asia and involved in many activities at the national level for developing management plans for MPA and biodiversity conservation.


  15. Ni Van Duong

    Research, education and management of wetlands related. Building capacity of local communities to adapting uncertainties including globalization and climate variation.


  16. Nhu-An Tran

    Design, implementation, and evaluation of projects in private sector/enterprise development, global health, finance, and innovation


  17. Kieu-Ha Phung

    Low-power wireless mesh technologies which are applicable but not limit in Wireless Sensor Networks, Machine to Machine, or the Internet of Things – ranging from designing, modeling and...


  18. Christina Wong

    Program management that includes M&E and development strategy on environmental pollution


  19. Andrew Fang

    My previous research focused on urban systems and air pollution mitigation strategies in cities in the US, China, and India


  20. Tuan Anh Pham

    I have worked as policy advisor to Vietnamese government regarding development strategy of the nation, particularly focusing on economic issues