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  1. Paul Rex Danquah

    Impact evaluation USAID WA Wash in three african countries (Ghana, Niger and Burkina Faso) in 2015


  2. Peter Heinz Bauer

    Research in emission free transportation, intelligent/networked transportation infrastructure, efficient hybrid power generation.


  3. Paul Andeka Asunda

    My research and scholarship focus on supporting educators integrate science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) practices at the P-16 level specifically, (a) Science, Technology, Engineering,...


  4. Pamella Sunday

    Implementation and consultancy for Monitoring and Evaluation, Conduct Randomized control trail evaluation, qualitative researched, conduct analysis of all kinds


  5. Nigus Gabbiye Habtu

    '- Post-harvest Technology( Drying research, Storage structure, Mycotoxin etc...)


  6. Mohammad Shahjahan Mondal

    I have worked in Hydrology and Climate Change, Hydro-dynamic Modeling using HEC-RAS & Delft 3D, Agricultural Water Management, Risk-based Water Resources Planning, Water Governance, Water Security,...


  7. Mark A. Russell

    community needs assessment, non-formal education interventions, and assessing learning outcomes


  8. Moses Mukuru


  9. Michael Chasukwa

    Doing qualitative and quantitative evaluations


  10. Mahdav Joshi

    My work intersects research and practice in monitoring and evaluating peace agreement implementation, and how implementation success relates to governance outcome in terms of political...


  11. Margaret W. Gitau

    I use both hydrologic/water quality modeling and statistical analysis to provide insights into hydrologic and water quality responses to climate, land use, and land management at the watershed and...


  12. Mosoka Papa Fallah


  13. Matthew Guttentag

    Assessing impact of entrepreneurship support programs


  14. Martha Cruz Zuniga

    Evaluation expertise on design and implementation of data collection instruments: in-depth interviews, focus groups, surveys, experiments; RCTs, control and treatment groups. Statistical analysis...


  15. Lucy A. Wakiaga

    Transformative evaluation of the impact of an educational program


  16. Lakhdar Boukerrou

    I developed M&E strategies and plan for numerous programs and conducted statistical/quantitavie analysis of various research projects. Developed and implemented development strategies and framework.


  17. Kathryn Obenchain

    My work focuses on three areas: civic education and the development of civic identity, particularly in emerging democracies, university-based teacher education, and qualitative research.


  18. Annette Kiberu Mpuga

    As a school librarian my profession is crosscutting because it focuses on literacy across board. I help out on the interpretation of the development strategy or policy and hence implement it...


  19. Jean-Francois Trani

    Dr Trani's scholarship is built from the ground up with a view towards contributing to structural change. He conducts fieldwork and data collection using mixed quantitative, qualitative and...


  20. Jay Taneja

    Development and analysis of systems for measurement of infrastructure (electricity networks, roads, latrines) in developing regions