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  1. Cassandra L Workman

    International development experience in sub?Saharan Africa focused on global and environmental health including food security, water security, and infectious disease. Monitoring and evaluation of...


  2. Neetu Choudhary

    Advanced quantitative analysis, analysis of large scale survey data


  3. Alexandra Brewis

    Stigma and social exclusion in the contexts of food, water, sanitation, and health


  4. Carlos Enrique Moreno Leon

    I am monitoring and evaluating the program Cure Violence in Cali, Colombia. I performed quantitative impact evaluations social and private projects.


  5. Andres Camilo Agudelo Vergara

    Philosophical and Qualitative Analysis about Contexts of Information Society. These contexts have been emerged during the last four decades (Information Age). They're offshore and hybrid new social...


  6. Abiy Menkir Gizaw

    My academic background, work and research experience is best labeled as cross-cutting as it does not fit to only one discipline.


  7. Tim Weninger

    We are looking at social media manipulation including the ways by which individuals and organizations are using social media systems to corrupt the public discourse. We are also developing...


  8. Tracy Lynn Kijewski-correa

    Kijewski-Correa's research focuses on disaster risk reduction (DRR) and civil infrastructure challenges posed by increased urbanization and vulnerability. Her interdisciplinary scholarship links...


  9. Alex Perkins

    My research applies computational, mathematical, and statistical tools to address research and policy questions related to the prevention and control of infectious diseases, with an emphasis on...


  10. Sandra C Vera-munoz

    My research is at the intersection of corporate environmental disclosures (mandatory, i.e., in filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission; and voluntary, i.e., corporate social...


  11. Momen Mohammad Sughayyer

    Currently, I work on two tracks: the first one is study and control of electric energy consumption patterns by measuring power flow to different homes for twenty-four hours using fast rate...


  12. Rob Segan

    QED has evaluated more than 3.5B in programs in 96 countries. We have conducted more than 250 training programs for 23 clients. Our data hub team has capabilites in statical and quantitative...


  13. Rishi Ram Kattel

    Value chain and supply chain diagnostic on high value commodities and crop seeds, participatory market system development (PMSD) and is familiar with a range of research and analysis methods,...


  14. Roman Stephan Ponos

    Built and managed the international division of a research, data analytics and evaluation firm. Built and mentored a multidisciplinary, cross-functional team of researchers, analysts and project...


  15. Alberto J Rodriguez

    Interested in transdisciplinary education using science as a core subject to integrate other subjects (such as engineering, technology, mathematics, language arts, and social studies)


  16. Rehema Namaganda Namaganda


  17. Richard Joseph Kimwaga

    For any WASH facility, I conduct monitoring and evaluation to assess the facility compliance with regard to environmental standards. In terms of engineering, I do design of WASH facility to serve a...


  18. Qudratullah Rahmat

    My research area includes finance and banking industry, especially in Afghanistan context. I have successfully completed several research projects funded by German Govoernment. These research...


  19. Patrick Tumusiime Kagurusi

    I am a Public Health Specialist with more than 19 years of experience in both Technical, Managerial and Strategic Public Health practice. I have Technical and Leadrship experience as Deputy Country...


  20. Peter J. Schubert

    Systems engineering and multi-disciplinary research