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  1. Getaneh Gobezie

    I conducted programme evaluations of development programmes (including mid-term evaluations), which include ''actionable recommendations''. ... also engaged on formulating (government and NGO)...


  2. Shanelle Chambers Haile

    Extensive training and research experience in both inferential statistics and qualitative methods. Four years professional experience in Monitoring and Evaluation of federal government programs....


  3. Tran Thi Hong Hien

    Analyzing air quality and pollution data in Hanoi, Vietnam on a local NGO which name is Live&Learn. When interning in this NGO, Monitoring and Evaluation is a content of works, but I'm a...


  4. Yadu Pokhrel

    My work has been interdisciplinary that cuts disciplines across climate science, water resources management, and food security. My work also utilizes remote sensing and GIS techniques along with...


  5. Anh Duc Dang


  6. Maria Del Pilar Lopez Uribe

    I use quantitative methods to answer questions related to development (conflict, rural development, governance, gender equality) and to estimate impact evaluations of government programs.


  7. Markus Taussig

    My research relates to the nexus of firms, government, and civil society in developing countries, with special attention to evaluating pilot initiatives to improve the social and environmental...


  8. Binh Duc Nguyen

    We design, propose and conduct various studies and surveys, project implementation and M&E on Startups and MSMEs supporting and development programs/projects in Vietnam such as LinkSME (USAID),...


  9. Ngoc Thi Thuy Kim

    I participated in number of international and national projects on natural resources and environment (i.e Project for Ecosystem Services; Core Environment Program; Poverty and Environment Project;...


  10. Thi Xuan Dieu Phan

    Currently, I am collaborating in the Project: "Improving smallholder farmer incomes through the strategic market development of mango supply chains in southern Vietnam" (funded by AICIAR). My...


  11. Katharine Tjasink

    I have worked as an evaluator across multiple sectors. Most of my work includes cross-cutting issues such as gender.


  12. Hien Thi Than

    I have been working on the M*E of several projects including tuna value chain development in Binh Dinh province, documentation of lessons learned on the eCDT testing in Binh Dinh province (USAID...


  13. Hue Thu Nguyen

    non profit governance and growtth


  14. Zubair Khan Qadar Khan Pathan


  15. Robert Stephen Pomeroy


  16. Nguyen Duc Luong

    Environmental monitoring and evaluation; application of GIS and remote sensing for environmental studies; air quality management policy development


  17. Hai Giang Phung

    I'm working for a research based institution of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Government of Vietnam. Most recent works relate to policy development for SMEs in agriculture;...


  18. Patricia Campie


  19. Kien Van Nguyen

    I am an academic researcher as well as a development practictioner. My research foucus on sustainalbe agriculture, nutriton and health, water government and adaption to climate change in the Mekong...


  20. Trinh Van Mai

    For M&E, I am a team leader of International verifier for low emission rice cultivation project funded by WB. My professional is also GIS and remote sensing and I have worked on that for more than...