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  1. Mark Iga Anthony

    A seasoned Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist with over 10 years of professional experience in determining the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, Impact and suitability of projects. I have...


  2. Clionadh Raleigh


  3. Duc Dinh Dang

    research and propose solutions to adapt to climate change


  4. Toan Huy Do


  5. Phung Kim Le

    Economic Circulation ?spect


  6. Quyen Le Thi Le Le

    I am in charge of development and implementation of a number of international projects under ISPONRE, especially in the field of climate change, ecosystem services and ecosystem based adaptation. I...


  7. Peilei Fan

    I am an urban planning scholar who is passionate about achieving sustainability for cities and regions through efficient, just, and green process and outcome. My research focuses on coupled...


  8. Tran Vu Vu Pham

    I am working in the field related to IoT, Big Data. Recently, I am interested in designing IoT systems for environment, smart city, agriculture, etc. applications.


  9. Edwin Chappell Price

    I explore the general hypothesis that conflict at the interface of human communities is caused by perceived differential benefits from capital in its various forms, and that science and technology...


  10. Ngoc Phan

    Ngoc Phan is an advanced PhD Candidate in Political Science at Duke University. He studies corruption and the political economy of bribery in developing countries, especially in authoritarian...


  11. Daniel Yi Xu


  12. Edmund J Malesky

    I am the analyst and author of the Vietnam Provincial Competitive Index, and annual ranking of provincial economic governance in Vietnam that is used by policy-makers and firms to reform and make...


  13. Chinh Cong Duong

    Investigation, survey and assessment of the current and future water demand for domestic and production purposes; Water quality monitoring, Define pollution sources; Environment impact assessment,...


  14. Barnett A Rattner

    Conducts hypothesis-driven laboratory and field investigations, risk assessments and scholarly evaluations on the toxicity of legacy and contemporary pollutants (industrial contaminants, metals,...


  15. Dr Peter F. Masibo Lumala

    I have been involved in the development of strategic plans including the last one in 2020 for UN Women Kenya where I helped develop the Gender Sector Statistics Plan for the Kenya National Bureau...


  16. Yu-kai Huang


  17. T. Robert Fetter

    Extensive and wide-ranging experience with quantitative data analysis and impact evaluation for programs and policies.


  18. Naureen Fatema

    My Doctoral dissertation focuses on three empirical essays on micro-level conflict in sub-Saharan Africa. The first two studies use primary data from household surveys in North Kivu, in eastern...


  19. Shahriar Kibriya


  20. Mark Musumba

    In monitoring and evaluation, I have developed a sustainability framework that guides researchers employ a holistic systems approach to examining the relative performance of their innovations. I...