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  1. An Aspect-Oriented With Bip Components For Better Crosscutting Concerns Modernization In Iot Applications

    Collections | 04 Feb 2020 | Posted by Kyle Steven Habig


  2. An essential role for maternal control of Nodal signaling

    Collections | 03 Mar 2020 | Posted by Kyle Steven Habig


  3. An ODT-based abstraction for mining closed sequential temporal patterns in IoT-cloud smart homes

    Collections | 03 Feb 2020 | Posted by Kyle Steven Habig


  4. Anahel Maria Hernandez Valega

    Currently I work as Research and Development Coordinator, in charge of the processes of follow-up, monitoring and evaluation, at the same time that I answer for the reports of statistical and...


  5. Andreas Beger

    My work experience broadly revolves around developing quantitative models to forecast the risk of political instability and conflict, often included the use of event data like ICEWS or ACLED.


  6. Andres Barrios

    Two of my research area involves entrepreneurship as a vehicle of ex-combatants reintegration to society, and gender and community approaches on rural entrepreneurship.


  7. Andres Camilo Agudelo Vergara

    Philosophical and Qualitative Analysis about Contexts of Information Society. These contexts have been emerged during the last four decades (Information Age). They're offshore and hybrid new social...


  8. Andrew Fang

    My previous research focused on urban systems and air pollution mitigation strategies in cities in the US, China, and India


  9. Andy Dale Herring

    Assessment, development and training for beef cattle production systems and value chains. My formal training is in quantitative genetics and applied statistics. Most work is with grazing livestock...


  10. Anh Duc Dang


  11. Anh N Tran


  12. Anh Van Le Thi


  13. Anjuli Shivshanker

    impact evaluation, humanitarian assistance


  14. Anne Roycroft

    My area of expertise is in accreditation and standards, both K12 and Higher Education- finding common assessments and measures of success that allow us to create interventions and learn from each...


  15. Anne Traynor

    I conduct research in educational assessment/measurement, and collaborate on quantitative policy or program evaluation studies.


  16. Anne Ytreland

    private-sector engagement


  17. Annette Kiberu Mpuga

    As a school librarian my profession is crosscutting because it focuses on literacy across board. I help out on the interpretation of the development strategy or policy and hence implement it...


  18. Antoine Aubeneau

    interdisciplinary research in all natural sciences, with a core expertise in water


  19. Aracely Ariza


  20. Area Variance Estimators for Simulation Using Folded Standardized Time Series

    Collections | 07 Feb 2020 | Posted by Kyle Steven Habig