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  1. Agerie Nega Wassihun

    I did interesting research work using GIS and Active remote sensing(Airborne and Terrestrial LIDAR) and I have published my work in reputable international journal. in my study different...


  2. Agnes Munyiva Mutuku


  3. Agnes Nyabigambo

    I am a Health Services Research Specialist with expertise health economic evaluation, M&E, qualitative and quantitative method and policy development. My current work is mainly project management...


  4. Agriculture, Ecology and Economic Development in Sub-Saharan Africa: Trajectories of Labour-Saving Technologies in Rural Benin

    Collections | 12 Feb 2020 | Posted by Kyle Steven Habig


  5. Agudelo V., Andrés Camilo (2016). Construcción del sentido de espacialidad. Hacia un acercamiento empírico del proceso de construcción de espacialidad del campus universitario en los estudiantes. URBS. Revista de Estudios Urbanos y Ciencias Sociales, 6(1)

    Collections | 26 Dec 2019 | Posted by Xiaoan Zhang


  6. Alba Torrents

    Environmental impact assessment


  7. Alba Cecilia Osorio Ocampo

    Proantioquua, and specifically the education area, designs, operates, and evaluates various teacher training and educational improvement programs. This results in the following research...


  8. Alberto J Rodriguez

    Interested in transdisciplinary education using science as a core subject to integrate other subjects (such as engineering, technology, mathematics, language arts, and social studies)


  9. Alebel Aynalem Derseh

    I have been working as a monitoring and Evaluation and learning officer for more than 4 years for different USAID funded projects five years ago and I have a few experiences in the area.


  10. Alejandro Balanzo

    Policy territorialization, institutional change and learning, policy cognitive analysis.


  11. Alex Perkins

    My research applies computational, mathematical, and statistical tools to address research and policy questions related to the prevention and control of infectious diseases, with an emphasis on...


  12. Alexandra Brewis

    Stigma and social exclusion in the contexts of food, water, sanitation, and health


  13. Alexandra Towns

    In my current role, I am the strategy lead for research translation initiatives for LASER PULSE. Prior to LASER, I advised international development practitioners on research and university...


  14. Ali Ahmed Abdi

    ETHIOPIA'S BURGEONING DEMOCRATIC TRANSITION: NEW GLAMOUR OR NEW STATESMANSHIP GIMMICKS? Is my latest work published winter 2019). Here I explained the amounting accusation of autocracy, heritage of...


  15. Alvaro Andres Escobar


  16. Amanda Davey


  17. Amanda Dickson

    Translating applied research into educational programming


  18. Amare Bantider Dagnew

    Natural Resource Governance thinking and approaches has shown remarkable paradigmatic shifts from top-down to bottom-up and to the mix of the two as situations necessitate. For sustainable resource...


  19. An Anomaly-Based Approach for DDoS Attack Detection in Cloud Environment

    Collections | 07 Oct 2019 | Posted by Xiaoan Zhang


  20. An Anomaly-Based Approach for DDoS Attack Detection in Cloud Environment

    Collections | 06 Feb 2020 | Posted by Kyle Steven Habig