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  1. David Restrepo


  2. Nicholas Kiggundu

    Crop evapotranspiration, soil water sensor based irrigation technologies, watershed modeling (of runoff water, sediment, and nutrient transport), crop modeling (i.e., simulating optimal planting...


  3. Damon Doherty


  4. Larissa F Rodrigues

    Experience in Computer Science with emphasis on Computational Vision, working mainly in the following subjects: Digital Image Processing, Biomedical Image Analysis, Machine Learning, Deep Learning...


  5. Take care of your computer

    12 Jan 2016 | Posted by Laverne Nissen

    Now no one can be surprised by the presence of a computer in the house. The computer is a tool for work, communication, games, learning, development, and, of course, to get the right information....


  6. Karen Martin-Jones